Can Someone Hold My Hand?

  anniel 16:21 05 Mar 2005

My PC was so infected that I had to reformat completely with the help of Evesham.

Now I would like to reconenect to the internet via our wireless network, which is up on running on Husband's PC.

My ISP is Homechoice and we have a wireless network, which is powered via a set top box to a Netgear WGR614v3 router in the hall between the rooms where the PCs are situated.

I have now got XP home with SP2 installed. I have no connection to the internet either direct or via the network.

Obviously, I want to do things right so that husband's PC keeps working.

Do I have to have a direct connection to the ISP before I can reconnect to the wireless network, or is it that I put the Netgear CD Rom into my PC and reinstall the settings or whatever? Husbands PC will have the settings, won't it. I know it is important that they are the same and cause no conflict.

I am a complete calamity Jane when it comes to technical matters, so I am sorry if my queries seem a bit naive!!

Your advice and assitance would be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 16:30 05 Mar 2005

installed - either a PCI internal type or an external USB adapter - it will automatically detect the wireless network. All you'll have to do is tell it to connect to the network it offers you, and you'll be able to use the wireless connection - your husband's machine will be completely unaffected.

There may be some additional settings to configure if he (husband) has encryption configure on the router, but we can cross that bridge when you come to it.

  anniel 16:48 05 Mar 2005

I do have an adapter is a Linksys. What bothers me is that in networks connections as connected, but has no details of IP address or any details.

I did try to reinstall the drivers by inserting the CD Rom that came with it, but nothing happened and when I looked on the CD Rom Drive, and tried to open the programme..nothing happened.

I am at a loss to know what to do!!

Yesterday, when we were formatting, I gave my PC my own name..Ann and then a little later, husband came into the room and told me that I had given it the wrong name as underhis settings, it was the Xfamily computer. When i had to give my logging on name, the techie told me i would have to call myself Ann1 and I wonder if this adds to the confusion ...can I go back and rename the PC and get Ann back as my looging on name?

Sorry FE, but you have always known I am not that bright!!

  FelixTCat 17:07 05 Mar 2005

What internet connection does your husband have? If you connect over the network, it is the router that sets the internet connection. It is unusual to have a dial-up connection through a router. If it is a set-top box, it is probably cable broadband.

If it is a broadband connection, then you will be on the net through the router all the time, as he is, and using his ISP; you cannot have 2 broadband connections on one router.

In which case, he will be able to set up an email account for you with his ISP - that is all you need. Unless you want a separate dial-up connection, to your own ISP, you don't need Homechoice any more.

You may need your husband's help to set the system up, because you may have to make some changes to the router's configuration. What you have to do is check 2 names in your computer - one is the Workgroup name, which must be the same as that of your husband's pc, and your Computer name, which can be anything BUT must NOT be the same as your husband's pc. You can call your computer "Ann" or "Ann's Computer" or "Keep Off - It's Mine", if you like :o)

All you then have to do is tell your wireless network adapter to get its IP address etc automatically (i.e. from the router).

To set it up and make sure it works, it would be best if, at first, you disable encryption and MAC address filtering and enable SSID broadcast on the router, if these have been otherwise set; when all is working, these can be set again.

I am not clear who it is that is telling you you have to call yourself Ann1. perhaps you could explain that a little more clearly.

  FelixTCat 17:11 05 Mar 2005

AAH, I've just been to the homechoice site - I presume that is the ISP that both you and your husband are using. Was he telling you that you couldn't have an email address of [email protected], or something like that?

  anniel 17:49 05 Mar 2005

1. I am the main Homechoice customer and the set top box is in my study.

It is an ADSL connection via a set top box to the Access point..the Netgear equipment mentioned earlier.

Both of us have Linksys adapeters in our PCs. However, when our netweork failed about 6 months ago, the engineer gave husband a USB netgear USB 2.0 wireless adapter WG111 802.11g. When I open Network connections on HIS PC that is how he is connected to the network.

We have the one connection..not 2. It is just that I lost all my settings, infact everything on my PC.

I have now solved the Main Computer Name, the workgroup name and My pc that is no longer a problem....I should have realised that he had all the profile info. I got that and updated my PC.

The Guy at Evesham was the one who explained that I had inadvertantly called the Computer Ann instead of sticking to the main computer name which we had been always used. Naturally, when we went further in the setting up, it asked me to name my own PC, which could now not be we went for Ann1, so we could just finish the installation!! is no longer a problem.

We now come to the main nub of what i have to do.

My adapter has nothing under proerties....under support there is no IP address, No Subnet mask, No default gateway...nothing.

How do I tell the Adapter to get its info automatically?

Just to compound the problem...I rang Homechoice,got a message saying they were experiencing technical difficulties, so could not answer my call!! never rains etc.

At least we have all the router settings on husbands PC..although i am not sure whether Ii have to use the netgear CD Rom for the router(access point) and put all the settings on my PC.

Could you explain things very simply as I am a bear of very little brain!!

Thanks for the help.

  FelixTCat 19:39 05 Mar 2005

OK Paddington, here we go. Thank you for the extra information.

Go into Control Panel - Network Connections and right-click on your connection to the router (the wireless one?)

Click on Properties, highlight Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and click Properties.

On the General tag, make sure that the buttons "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically" are ticked. Click OK

Back at the General tag, tick the box next to "Client for Microsoft Networks". Click OK

In the toolbar near the clock there should be a little icon like a computer with radiation marks coming from it. That is the network icon. If you left-click it, it opens a window showing the network details. It should show Connected and the Network SSID (if wireless). Open the Support tab and it should show the pc's IP address and the Default Gateway (the IP address of the device that connects you to the internet.

If the IP address starts 169.... click on Repair

Sorry, my pizza just arrived - back later.

  anniel 21:12 05 Mar 2005

I did all you said, but a bit earlier I rang Homechoice (as I pay 35 per month) The chap who specialises in networks told me that I should get the net up by running a wire from the back of my PC straight into the Access point....well that worked and I was delighted.

There are drawbacks...the access point cannot reach anywhere permanent and I have even more wires everywhere.

More importantly, husband is very grumpy and has reired to his bed because:

a) his connection is not working and he is insisting I have done something to the settings on his PC...moreover his gout is playing up....not a happy family.

b) We do not know how to get our network back to what it was.

In network connections I have the following:

LAN - connected VIA fast ethernet adapter

1394 Connection.
Connected 1394 Net adapter ( I think that is the one inside my PC box)

Wireless Network Connection:

Limited or no connectivity. Wireless G PCI adapter.

The funny thing is with reference to this connection if I run my mouse over the icon in the systray, it says Speed 54.0mbps; Signal Strength very good

Status: limited or no connectivity.

That sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn't it?

The other Icon is the 1394 one which says:Speed 400Mbps
Status: connected.

I am so confused.

We either work out this network, or have to have 2 separate connections. The PCs, both desktops are in different rooms about 25 ft apart and there are thick walls in this basement flat.

I have to say the system did work reasonably before my reformat.

  FelixTCat 21:33 05 Mar 2005

Burp!! Good pizza.

Let's see what we can resolve.

In lan connections:

You are internet connected; your husband isn't.

1394 is firewire - you can ignore this; it is a short-range wireless system often used to connect pcs to pdas or video cameras to pcs. 400 MB/s is its maximum speed.

Your wireless system is picking up a signal from the router, but not logging on to it. Hence no connectivity.

You must now choose whether to keep your ethernet connection (with your husband disgruntled) or unplug it, let him connect and connect your pc wirelessly.

Thick walls don't really matter, particularly in a flat. I run a wireless network through a concrete floor and at least one concrete wall.

If you disconnect the wire, can your husband reconnect to the internet?

If you disconnect and do what I said, what IP address is shown on the Support tag of the network icon?

  anniel 22:16 05 Mar 2005

If I disable the LAN on my PC, then I am pretty sure I will lose my internet connection.

I will do it after I finish writing this. I cannot go fiddling on his PC because he is sound asleep and I do not want to disgruntle him further!!

I will now disable my LAN and see what happens.

The rush to get all this done is that I am off tp Liverpool on Monday for a week and he needs to be able to get his email!!

You are a good sport for giving me all this assistance!

  anniel 22:35 05 Mar 2005

Lost internet connection....shut down put wires back in and hey presto..I am up agian.

I think some setting nust be wrong...could be on other PC.

Will now leave it until Sunday and hope we can sort it out.



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