can someone help to tell if im wireless enabled ??

  dani-c 16:20 20 Nov 2007

ok, back last may i bought a medion 95677 notebook from woolworths priced £399.99, running windows XP. i wasnt bothered about wireless at the time so didnt check first to see if it was or not. a few months ago i decided i wanted to go wireless so i could take my laptop from the living room to my room or wherever else.. below the screen of my laptop there are 3 led lights. one for wireless, one for the power and one for the battery..i had noticed a few months ago that occassionally the wireless light would light up and flash on start up, but as i didnt really know what it was back then, id shut windows down and reboot, to find the light no longer flashing. its never lit up like that since i dont think..

i checked the manual but its not very helpful, all it says is that if you want to enable wireless i have to press FN and the F1 key and it will enable it, but i have pressed that and the led light does nothing. there is also a section on wireless lan in the manual, stating about pressing the FN and F1 key to enable it. so by this i would assume my laptop is infact, wireless enabaled?? if this is the case, would i only be able to activate wireless on my laptop once i had my router set up, which will then make it detect?

my friend has just moved into my flat and bought her wireless enabled laptop with her and when she turns hers on, it comes up on the bottom of the screen that its detected wireless connections or words to that effect, i do not have that on mine. ive also looked in the network adaptors section and all i found was something about a miniport, an adsl modem (which is what i use for aol currently) and an ethernet something or other.. nothing about wireless..

ive just ordered wireless internet router from aol so we can both use our laptops wherever we want and now i dont know what to do next

hope someone can help. sorry so long

  Ashrich 17:49 20 Nov 2007

Have a look in device manager ...right click on My Computer , select properties , then click on the hardware tab , then on device manager , expand the section that says " Network Adapters " and see what is listed there , you should have a Network Port ( ethernet ) the miniport and stuff for AOL , and hopefully a wireless card , if it is not there it either means it isn't built in or it is broken and not registering .


  ambra4 17:57 20 Nov 2007

Laptop Wireless Device Setting

Most laptop computer these days comes with a building wireless card; some required you to switch on the Wireless Radio Antenna via a small slide switch on the laptop

Or using the FN (Function) key you have to hold down the FN key and press the key with a small antenna icon to turn on the wireless card

You can also check that the wireless card is Enable from inside the Network Connection Area

Start-Setting-Double Click-Network Connection you should see two Icons one Local Area Connection and one Wireless Area Connection

If no Wireless Icon then you will have to buy a USB Wireless Adepter

If there is a Wireless Area Connection Icon- Right click Enable or Disable as required

Some times you have to Disable and Enable before the card will connect to the wireless system

If not sure if laptop have a antenna switch check the manual PC layout quick guide

Check out these sites before you set-up the wireless system could save you a lot of time and headache.

click here

click here

click here

  dani-c 19:02 20 Nov 2007

well i right clicked the computer and still nothing there about wireless and i also checked network connections and theres a heading that says 'lan or high speed internet' in that section i get local area connection and local area connection 2 - thats it.

i dont understand, its a case of i have wireless internet enabled but its broke and doesnt even work or i dont have it and have to bu an adaptor. going by the manual it sems i am SUPPOSED to have it... so assuming it just doesnt work, i have to buy a wireless USB adaptor and thats it, i dont have to buy anything else??

  ambra4 19:52 20 Nov 2007

If it not showing up in the network connection then it not installed

Check your friend laptop and you will see what I am talking about

You will also need to get a wireless router to connect to your modem

Or you can get a ASDL2+2 Modem Wireless router

Like this model

click here

  Ashrich 21:28 20 Nov 2007

Sounds like you might have to buy and adapter , I'd go for a PC card , click here for a good selection , they fit into the PC card slot on the side of your laptop , dead easy and have better wireless qualities than USB ones .


  dani-c 14:27 21 Nov 2007

hey, thanks for all your messages.

ashley, i dont have a pc card slot on this laptop. i found my laptop being sold on a computer website so i emailed the guy and asked if he could help. he told me that this model doesnt come with any wireless cards and id need to buy one, (im assuming he meant a card) but thats out of the question because i have no slots for a card to go.

then i called the medion tech helpline. he said he doesnt think my laptop is wireless enabled and i should get a usb adapter. it confused me because there is a whole section on the manual telling me that i can enable wireless if i press 2 keys togehter and the led light will come on...anyway i gave up with the idea and thought maybe it really wasnt wireless but then, i went and looked on the medion website and found an updated driver for my latop for WLAN. so, i downloaded it. i couldnt open it for some reason but when i right clicked and did properties, i saw this.....

Winbond W89C33 mPCI 802.11 Wireless LAN Adapter

why would i have a driver for a wlan adapter if i dont even have a wireless enabled laptop, apparently?

im confused

  irishrapter 18:49 21 Nov 2007

Try this:

Open a command prompt by going to "Start / Run" and type "cmd"

In the command prompt type "ipconfig /all"

You should see all network adapters including any wireless ones, even if they are not switched on.
Look at the "Description" names for any thing with 802.11 in it.

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