Can someone help me please??? (Graphic Card)

  Antoni_ 23:15 10 Nov 2009

I've just bought a new graphic card; GeForce GTX 260. I've inserted it into the motherboard and installed the drives from the cd. 1 my computer would not recognise it as a hardware and 2 the monitor would not run on the card. I've tried changing the BIOS settings and its still the same story.
Someone please help me...

  RobCharles1981 00:23 11 Nov 2009

Have you tried updating the drivers??

Before you do so run Driver Sweeper To Clean up the Drivers:

click here

Scroll down on the page for the Download Info.

Also download the latest drivers from Nvidia so assuming your running xp here are the drivers:

click here

Let us know how you get on.

  gigagiggles 00:43 11 Nov 2009

did you connect the power supply unit to the gtx 260?

  gazzaho 05:26 11 Nov 2009

You say your computer would not recognise it as hardware and the monitor doesn't switch on. If the power leads from the PSU are connected properly as gigagiggles suggests then the question would be is your power supply beefy enough to power it?

As suggested on this site under requirements (click here) the minimum power supply for the GTX 260 is 500W This may be sufficient but if you have other hardware like internal drives and PCI cards it would be a safer bet to have a 650W or higher to be on the safe side.

Are you sure you installed it correctly? This link here is basic but it gives you and idea of how to do it (click here)

This is a link to NVIDIA for drivers (click here) I wouldn't use the drivers on disk as they will undoubtedly be out of date. Once you get the card working windows will use default VGA drivers on first boot after the card is installed. Go to the NVIDIA site and use option 2 to have your computer scanned and the correct drivers recommended for you, then just download the to your desktop and install them.

  Bob The Blob 08:28 11 Nov 2009

If you were using onboard graphics previously, have you disabled this?

  Antoni_ 15:56 11 Nov 2009

I tried all of whats been mentioned I've even tried restore and install it again and it still doesn't work. I've connected the power cables that came with the card. I've even bought a new monitor yesterday because I thought it was a problem with the monitor. But both monitors work fine (on the onboard connection).

The card itself is on (the fans are on) but I cant get it to work I reset the windows experience rating and it dropped from 4.0 to 3.0. Previously there was another nvidia graphics card on the system that the pc had itself. Thats the one the device manager shows. I've run a hardware check and its not there. The cd installs everything fine, all the programs (3d photo viewer, 3d vision ect). I've downloaded the drives from nvidia and they are installed.

I suppose its needless to ask but, the PCI socket is not the same as PCI Express is it? Because the card fits in fine. And as for the power I can't find a label that says the watts on the back near the power socket or any where else. I only figured if the cards fans are running, it must be sufficient.

Sorry to bore you guys with this half essay. Please let me know what you would suggest.

  GaT7 16:51 11 Nov 2009

No, please do NOT try your PCI-E GTX 260 in a PCI slot. I thought one couldn't do so anyway, as the slots are incompatible with each other. If you did so, it must have been the secondary PCI-E slot you're referring to? Your card needs to be installed in the primary PCI-E slot - the one closest to the CPU.

"Previously there was another nvidia graphics card on the system that the pc had itself. Thats the one the device manager shows."
This is the integrated graphics card. Appears like the new card is not being recognised by the system at all.

Have you tried disabling the onboard graphics in the BIOS, & setting the PCI-E interface as the first graphics device? Try this if you haven't already.

Another thing you can try is resetting the CMOS - make sure to do this after unplugging the power cord & without your new card in the slot. The motherboard manual will let you know how to do this. G

  Antoni_ 23:35 11 Nov 2009


  gazzaho 00:22 12 Nov 2009

Bingo! At least now you know the problem, fixing it may be pretty painless from here... Fingers crossed for you.

  Antoni_ 14:03 12 Nov 2009

Thanks guys but now I have another problem and again I tried to the best of my knowledge to fix it but I cant.

My sound is gone.

I tried downloading the drivers from the HP website I tried deleting and reinstalling the drivers I tried restore (with no back up) I tried whatever I thought should do the trick I was even paranoid about my speakers so I took them to my friends house to test them on his PC and they work fine.

My warranty is out otherwise I would happily take advantage of it.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem?

Any advice much appreciated...

  gazzaho 23:39 12 Nov 2009

The only thing I can suggest, assuming it worked before without problems, is to make sure all the connections are in place on the sound card. It's possible that while working with the graphics card you inadvertently disturbed something on the sound card, perhaps a wire connector got pulled off it connector for instance. Check you sound card documentation for connections and check everything is in the right place.

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