can someone help me with this crazy program

  wayne001 02:52 31 May 2005

some how i got this program on my takes over my pc.and starts typing lol you retard.if i go to a web page it runs the page up and down.logs me off the pc.changes my cap locks.does anyone no what this is.i have the latest antivirus programs.and adaware.someone help thank you

  Indigo 1 07:28 31 May 2005

If you can, you should download the LATEST updates for Adaware from click here and make sure it is up to date before you run it.

Also Spybot S&D from click here and again make sure it is up to date before you run it.

Ewido from click here this is free to download and use for 14 days and will automatically update itself daily during that period, once the trial runs out you can still use it but you must update it manually before use.

SpywareBlaster click here again you must update it yourself but will help to keep some of the c**p out.

Also CCleaner from click here don't forget to update it before use.

And I would also suggest you get a Firewall and install it, my personal favourite is Zone Alarm. The full version of ZA is not free but there is a free trial period, there are others available for free, just start another thread for advice once you have got this problem sorted.

You don't mention which Anti-Virus you are using or which O/S.

  lotvic 22:49 31 May 2005

have you run HJThis and posted a log?

Does your pc only go 'crazy' when you are online?

Maybe someone is accessing your pc remotely and playing games with you!

  SANTOS7 23:15 31 May 2005

I've found this from another forum, which seems to be a bit unstable, so i won't post a link to it but it may help with your problem

I've contracted an MSN messenger virus, and I can't figgure out how to get rid of it. How I got it was by downloading and opening a .txt file from another MSN user. Farkin' stupid, I know. But for some reason I was having a bad day. The message I got it from was "LOL! You Retard!" and then a link, that had my email address in it. When I downloaded the file, the name of the file was my email address.

What it does is try to spread, the same way I got it. It opens a bunch of windows to other users but only seems to do the "LOL! You Retard" and link thing to a few of the windows opened.

and on one occasion it inserted "LOL! You Retard" into whatever window I was typing in multiple times.

I also found a .txt file on my C:\ drive called Ashtree. Inside it it said "ashtree is sexy". I deleted that, and another .zip (or something) file, that was a bunch of random numbers and letters. I knew I hadn't put them there.

The only way I've figgured out how to stop it is to use a startup control program, where I can disable what programs load at startup.

In order to stop this from happening, I've had to disable:

Microsoft Application Manager - msapl32.exe
Microsoft Networking Agent for SP2 - msnac32.exe
Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Networking Process - msspnp.exe
MSN Administration - msnadm32.exe

  Technotiger 23:22 31 May 2005

Hi, looks as if you have a msn virus, you are not alone. You may find the answer here -

click here

Good luck.

  SANTOS7 23:25 31 May 2005

click here
this will help...

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