can somebody help me with this script?

  athenrye 19:30 25 May 2008

i really like this feature click here
ive tried on a few occasions to apply it but seems im going round in cirles
anybody have the time to do an idiots guide for me...
i thought that as i can read it shouldnt be a problem!

i think im okay with step one
i copy and paste it to the head section

then before step two i download the three files and ftp them onto my webspace server

step 2 do i use the first or second part or both bits of the p p> code, do i need to alter it as well

if i need to alter it what bit is it and what do i replace it with?

i would like to have a small picture image on the page and then when you click you get the big picture, just like on the dynamic drive page

i dont want to use the linked text option

so i need one small picture and one large picture of the subject?

any help would be great

  Eric10 13:12 26 May 2008

The second paragraph in step 2 uses a thumbnail image to lauch the larger picture and this seems to be the one that you want so you can discard the first text-link paragraph. However, if you haven't spotted it, there is an error in this part of the script. The 'href' part has an extra double quote after the image name "...../countryxb6.gif"" but there should only be one double quote there. I don't know if this would be enough to stop it working but you should put it right. You also need to change the path and filename to point to your own larger picture.
The thumbnail image in the example code is simply called "thumbnail.gif" so this should be changed to the name of your thumbnail if it is different.

  athenrye 22:46 26 May 2008

cheers eric10
thats helped a little
i was really looking for an easy step way to make it work for me...

my larger picture does it need to be located on the web before i link it, or can i have it on my website?


  athenrye 00:04 27 May 2008

hi eric10
im getting a bit closer
1, i have got step 1 done and it seems to be okay, simple enough!
2,the next part seems to have worked well, ive put the three files on my webspace server with a ftp, it seems to be okay as well...
3, i have worked out that i need the second part of step 2 as i want to use a thumbnail image
4, this is my problem at the minute, i am using a small picture from my assets on the page (a picture of dollars) i then click on the picture properties and the picture html button but where do insert the code?
is it before, inside or after the tags? i have tried all three and i end up with a white box with a red cross on my website click here as you can see when you click on the white box with red cross the image thumbnail viewer works a treat... just not on the picture above though

my small picture is called paint.gif and the code i used for it was
<p><a href="click here" rel="thumbnail"><img src="paint.gif" style="width: 50px; height: 50px" /></a></p>

i used a large picture that was posted online to try it out, thats what the long paint gif is all about
what am i doing wrong?
im very close, but cant quite get there!

  Eric10 10:22 27 May 2008

The problem is that the thumbnail "paint.gif" isn't in the place where your code says it should be. Your code is saying that paint.gif is in the same folder as your page but it isn't. You should include the path to your assets folder.

To put it right, this section of code for the viewer:
<td colspan="2" width="180"><img id="Picture21" height="117" width="180" src="./assets/images/paint.GIF" border="0" alt="paint" title="paint" <p><a href="click here" rel="thumbnail"><img src="paint.gif" style="width: 50px; height: 50px" /></a></p>

should read:
<td colspan="2" width="180">
<p><a href="click here" rel="thumbnail"><img src="assets/images/paint.gif" style="width: 180px; height: 117px" /></a></p>

  Eric10 10:28 27 May 2008

I think you know enough to realise that the "click here" should be converted back to the actual address code.

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