can send talktalk email but not receive them

  justkevin 19:10 12 Feb 2007

I know this has been covered in some detail but though following the settings i.e. incoming mail and outgoing as the problem still remains.I am able to send and receive with talktalk my onetel email address without problem.
I have tried this with 4 talk talk email addresses by activating them with an email being sent to that address but without success.The sent emails go straight to me sent folder and stay there.

  Stuartli 19:37 12 Feb 2007

Have you checked from Outlook Express (I presume you use it) Accounts>highlight each account>Properties>Connection tab that you are using TalkTalk (or LAN) to Send and Receive e-mails?

Another point is that if you receive an e-mail that you wish to Forward, you may have to use the message panel's drop down menu to display your TT e-mail address.

  woodchip 19:43 12 Feb 2007

This may help. It's a Copy and Paste

Wed, 06/09/[email protected]:09

TalkTalk Technical Advice, Hope I Can Help

Hi, I work for talktalk, as a broadband consultant and have just come across this post whilst visiting my dad(BRUMAS).

Firstly the username should be your phone [email protected](lowercase) with your password the(one that was sent/or you have since changed it to)

Secondly you would need to have set up the email using either the talktalk cd, or click here

Once this is done the mail settings should read as follows
Incoming Mailer Server:
SMTP Server:

Both should be under POP3, when using outlook express/outlook make sure that talktalk/talktalkbroadband is the default connection(under properties in the email client program).

Also make sure "log on using secure password authentication is not ticked" in the properties box.

I hope this helps, Im down visiting for a couple of days, so any more questions i`ll try to help.



  justkevin 23:42 12 Feb 2007

I have tried Brumas recommendations without success Woodchip,I think I know them now word perfect but I still get nowhere

  lotvic 00:57 13 Feb 2007

this is a link click here to the thread that Brumas's son was on. He didn't get it quite right.

  Stuartli 01:46 13 Feb 2007

>>He didn't get it quite right.>>

Way off beam might be more accurate...:-)

  Zaphod 3 07:03 13 Feb 2007

I had something similar the other week when we changed to NTL.

It was sorted by uninstalling and then reinstalling the anti virus. AVG in our case. Could be worth a try with your AV.

  justkevin 10:09 13 Feb 2007

Hi Zaphod
tried disabling my MacAfee but still no joy

  JimT 11:05 13 Feb 2007

I had this problem and it was driving me mad.

I then discovered my firewall setting had changed (!) and was blocking both OE and Outlook.

So check this.


  Zaphod 3 17:28 13 Feb 2007

Tried disabling AVG first and still had to uninstall and reinstall may be the same with MacAfee. Though if you do uninstall make sure you are not online.

  M Gerard 10:31 02 Jun 2007

This is sent in the hope that Brumas's son might be able to shed any light on my problem, although help from anyone would be most welcome.
I have read many postings in many sites about Talktalk problems but have not come across this one.

Connected a week ago. Phone fine. Internet seemed to be also with emails received as normal but soon found I cannot send emails either from Outlook Express or the three individual providers' sites. (Am having to send this from a neighbour's connection.) Also I cannot access some sites (eg eBay) or do transactions with Internet banking or PayPal although I can sign on to these and view up to date statements. (And, yes, Outlook Express is reconfigured with as the outgoing setting.) Most sites I've tried load normally but will not accept input.

I am using a 2wire router which worked perfectly with Orange which my son has and I had access to until he moved into his new address. I used the set up wizard in this and it said all was well.

Both the desktop and the wireless-receiving laptop are functioning the same. The desktop is running 98SE and the laptop is XP.

Can you suggest what the problem might be? It seems it should only be something small as so much is working normally.

I'd be grateful for any advice -- short of cancelling my account

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