Can send but not receive email

  Rodz 14:36 10 Nov 2006

No mail is dropping into my inbox, I have checked by sending myself email from other email accounts and nothing is coming in, I can send as normal.
I work in Outlook, Orange is my ISP.
This has only happened in the last few hours.
Any ideas please.

  sean-278262 14:46 10 Nov 2006

Check the email settings are all correct. You might of simply changed some simple settings. Other things are to check on Orange's site to see if the spam filter is blocking more than it should.

  FreeCell 14:54 10 Nov 2006

You can check whether the emails are received by your Orange email server by using their webmail link. click here
Enter your normal email account name and password.

If the emails are on the server then looks like the problem is with your PC not downloading them.Then it would be time to review your settings.

  Totally-braindead 15:23 10 Nov 2006

I had this problem when I was with Freeserve and it was solved by doing as Freecell has suggested and deleting the emails. The explanation I was given by Freeserve at the time was that an email had blocked up their email server and it worked. I tested it and got my emails back as the problem wasn't on my PC.
Bear in mind though that if theres any emails you need print them out before deleting them as otherwise you'll lose them.

  Rodz 16:28 10 Nov 2006

Thanks again everybody my Orange webmail box was full and could not accept anymore.
I had a problem a few days ago, I was receiving 6000 emails a day purporting to be returned mail, it was solved on this forum for me. The mail spam stopped coming into my inbox but was obviously piling up in webmail.
I have altered a setting to delete immediatly instead of after 7 days so hopfully it will be OK now.
Thanks again.

  p;3 19:26 10 Nov 2006

am i reading that right? did you say you were getting 6000 (six thousand) e mails a DAY?

  Rodz 20:12 10 Nov 2006

Orange helpline gave me a article number to read on their website, it was a bit complicated for me but some spammer was using my email account to bounce mails around (sorry it was a bit over the top for me).
The guided me to click here and I was able to change a filter on my Orange account that stopped it in it`s tracks.
What the changed filter did was to only let mail in with my exact email any deviation of it was filtered out.
Hope I make sense.

  Rodz 16:00 11 Nov 2006

Can I just add one last thing, although all the spam mail gets filtered out into my Orange webmail box and does not get into my inbox in Outlook they are still piling up a few thousand a day in my webmail box and will have to be deleted from there every 4/5 days or the box will be full and it will stop my genuine emails arriving in Outlook again.
Fortunate thing is there is a button that deletes all the few thousand spam at once.
So the problem is only half solved, the favourite is not to receive the mail at all.

  p;3 17:19 11 Nov 2006

if you have got it right on server, then surely the spam mails will go to your spam ( or in my case with BT "junk") mail box which does not count towards my total tally; if you are sure that the junk mails ARE junk then you should able to just leave them in the junk box on server which should not count towards you tally on server

maybe because of your acute spam problem ( by the way from where ARE the spam coming?) you will need to open server each day and clear the dam rubbish lot out manually

do you know who IS sending you the spam and could any of them have an infected machine?

  Rodz 22:25 11 Nov 2006

Hi p;3
When I log into my Orange webmail it shows they have been sent to deleted which does count towards my tally, they stay there until deleted by me but do not get to my outlook email.
The emails all say "failure notice" "returned mail"
Does this make any sense to you?
Thanks Rodz

  p;3 01:54 12 Nov 2006

which bit of you last posting do you not understand? ; as far as I know , yes you will have to delete the mails in the deleted box from server and , as they ARE in the deleted box you will not grab them in to Outlook as Outlook only grabs mails from the in box and NOT I beleive from the junk mail box on server

what intrigues ME is what all the failure notices are or the returned mail ones are; haver you physically checked them to see if theY are mails you have sent that have failed or just what ARE they?

of interest, I presume you do not utilise the mailwasher program

click here I have linked it for you in case you might wish to download the exe to your downloads folder within your documentts folder for maybe later use

of interest, are you on dial up or BB?

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