can routers run both broadband and network cables

  legster 18:13 19 May 2008

i currently have aol set up with wired voyager 105 modem upstairs connected to my pc via the usb and a 10 meter broadband cable running through the floor and walls to the downstairs phone socket/filter.

however ive tried to set up a wired/wireless router but have found i have to use network/ethernet cable with it and so my cable is of no use ( which now is a nightmare) plus my pc stated no ethernet port found although there is one on back of pc ( dont know if it works or not !). i want to keep the main pc upstairs wired.

any ideas if there is a router than can accomodate my current cable plus network cable plus wireless or another way around this????

  Forum Editor 18:34 19 May 2008

have a connector for the cable that runs between the wall socket and a modem. The router contains a modem, and that must be connected to a landline.

The router will have (usually) 4 ethernet ports at the back, so you can connect computers directly to it. Just plug an ethernet cable into the computer's ethernet port, and plug the other end into one of the router's ports - you have to do that anyway, when you set up the router for the first time.

Connect the router to the phone line and follow the manufacturer's setup instructions. Watch the router connect to your broadband service and you're away - you can now use wireless or wired machines, or a mixture of both.

  ambra4 18:38 19 May 2008

You cannot set up a network using the USB port on the modem

The USB connection only allow you to connect one (1) stand alone computer to the Internet

You have to purchase a Wireless DSL / Cable Router which is connected to the Ethernet

port on the modem and the Wan port on the router, you than connect the computers either

via a Ethernet cable to the router or via wireless

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  legster 18:38 19 May 2008

thanks ,,i understand that but what im saying is that ive a broadband cable than runs within walls from my phone socket to the modem upstairs however this new netgear has different cable requirements ie ethernet ones so i simply want to know if there is a way still using this broadband cable and not an ethernet one ? god im confused now..

  legster 18:41 19 May 2008

think uve answered my question ambra4 thanks.. sounds like ive got to somehow replace my broadband cable with an ethernet one or go wireless. any idea how to check if my ethernet port is working and if not is it easy to fit a new one ? many thanks

  ambra4 18:55 19 May 2008

Ok disconnect the USB cable from the modem and connect a Ethernet cable from the

Ethernet port on the modem to the LAN port on the Computer

You now have to check the LAN port and network is set up correct go to this posting and

just follows the instruction on setting the LAN and network setting

  ambra4 19:00 19 May 2008


You are only working with the Ethernet Cable

connection to the Lan port on the Computer

  ambra4 19:01 19 May 2008


click here

  T0SH 22:31 20 May 2008

The Voyager 105 is a USB ADSL modem it only has an RJ11 telephone socket and a single USB port there is no way to connect an ethernet cable to it

There is a picture here scroll down the page a bit

click here

cheers HC

  ambra4 23:38 20 May 2008

Thanks T0SH never seems just a USB modem have always seems and used a USB &

Ethernet type


Sorry did not know that your present modem only come with a USB port

You will have to replace your present modem to set up a network system with one that

have a ethernet port or use one of the all in one type which I would recommend you


ADSL2/2+ Modem / Router / Wireless

D-Link AirPlus G 54Mbps Wireless ADSL2/2+ Router with 54Mbps USB Adapter

click here

This model comes with a USB wireless adapter, which will allow you to connect a

second computer via the wireless system

  legster 18:28 21 May 2008

thanks all,,however i think we r all confused as i have a new netgear router ,however i have a rj11 cable running within the walls which i thought i was going to use in the new router for my pc upstairs however the new router only accepts patch 5 / ethernet cables or wireless, so i have to somehow replace that cable or go wireless ..

i was just hoping there was a way of still utilising my embedded cable...

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