Can a Router Crash a PC?

  Antz 14:34 01 Jan 2008

Further to this thread click here. Is it possible for a router to crash XP with the BSoD? I have been trouble-shooting this for weeks now and as a last resort upgraded the firmware of my Canyon Router CN-WF514.Everything is ( coincidentally) gone ok since. I have the router connected to my PC, Dlink Media streamer and my Sony Media Streamer via LAN. It is streaming broadband wirelessly to the rest of my house.

Does anybody have an opinion on this? It would be great to finally put this to bed but I cannot understand how a router would randomly bring down a PC

Happy New Year!!

  STREETWORK 06:02 02 Jan 2008

Any hardware or software can crash a PC, the trick is to find out what did it and reinstall the sofeware and drivers, looks like you did this. I usually start with device manager to see if there is a problem, if I suspect a network adapter then I disable it then re-enable it and so on. If this fails then its get the CD's out and reinstall...

  Ashrich 21:07 02 Jan 2008

I very much doubt that a router could crash a PC , it is only connected by ethernet cable that transfers data , there are no drivers for the router in Windows XP it just links via cable . I would imagine that it would be the interaction between the various Media Streamers and the router that caused the problems , maybe corrupt data entering the PC via these items crashed the PC .


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