Can Roger Gann help with his MAY "How To" guide

  six-h 22:27 04 Sep 2007

Roger!, if you're around, can you help me finish what your above guide started??...:-)
It was entitled "ADSL Max: when 2Mbps become one"
I've tried the helproom, but to no avail.
Follow the link!

click here

  Forum Editor 06:45 06 Sep 2007

do you need to know? If you provide us with more information someone will come up with the answer, here, in the forum.

  six-h 17:38 07 Sep 2007

to know in my initial posting, if you follow the link.
Specifically: -
Question 1
<<First, I can't, and never could, access the BT speedtester.
Is this because I'm with TalkTalk??>>
Question 2
<<My Attenuation is 31.0-up, and 53.0 down.
Does that say that the incoming line from the exch. (2.2Km away) needs attention??>>
Question 3
<<My largest whole package is 1372, and the round trip time is 79ms.
What does that indicate??>>
Question 4
<<Using "Tracert" I get a strange response: -

Microsoft(R) Windows DOS
(C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1990-2001.
C:\DOCUME~1\GEOFFV~1>Tracert click here
Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
1 42 ms 99 ms 99 ms dsldevice.lan []
2 39 ms 36 ms 40 ms
3 38 ms 36 ms 42 ms
4 46 ms 43 ms 46 ms [
5 46 ms 43 ms 44 ms [
6 44 ms 43 ms 45 ms []
7 45 ms 46 ms 47 ms []
8 44 ms 44 ms 46 ms []
9 * 45 ms 46 ms []
10 45 ms 43 ms 46 ms
Trace complete.

What does this indicate?
The last time I did it, there was an asterisk in place of a time in the second column of the second "Hop"
Question 5
Finally, I can't close the DOS window, Iget a message that it may need more time to complete an operation!!
I have to take the "End Now" option.
Is that normal??
This "How to" guide seems to have many loose ends, and isn't very helpfull!
Hope someone can elucidate!>>

That's pretty much a complete copy of the first posting, with specific questions, I think?

  brundle 18:23 07 Sep 2007

You're better off reading a few pages from here; click here
I've not seen the mag, but Kitz seems to have a very sound grasp of such things.

  six-h 18:29 07 Sep 2007

there and try to educate myself,..if that's possible...:-)

  Dipso 22:56 08 Sep 2007

1. Yes, the BT Speedtester doesn't work on LLU connections.
2. No.
3. Your largest whole packet is 1372 so your optimal MTU value should be set at 1400. The 79ms is your response time, this is not particularly quick, mine is 25ms, but your latency is set to interleave which is a method of error correction, the downside being slower response/ping times.
4. Why do you think it's strange? This is what I get -

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 26 ms 26 ms 26 ms []
4 27 ms 26 ms 25 ms []

5 27 ms 29 ms 27 ms []
6 26 ms 27 ms 25 ms

Trace complete.

Have you tried using "exit" to close the DOS window?

  six-h 23:46 08 Sep 2007

1) I thought I'd read somewhere that the BT speedtester site actually checks the quality of that section of the line which they maintain through "Outreach".

2) In the article, Roger Gann shows a screen shot with a line attenuation of 24dB Down, and 15.5dB Up.
The caption beneath simply states: -
"Line attenuation should be low(60dB is bad; 20dB is good)"
Lacking any genuinely informed comment from Gann, I can only assume that since my downward attenuation is 54dB it is therefore pretty bad.
Gann of course does not elucidate further!

What in fact does my 54dB indicate?

3) I've tried and failed to find reference to "MTU" in my router interface, so I can't check if it is set to 1400

4) Again, Gann shows a screen shot showing 9 hops, with 3 actual times shown against each hop.
Since I've never used this before, I expected similar information to show,(similar to a child reading - pictures not words!)
when both my attempts resulted in some "times" showing only "*" I thought it strange, ie. diferent from the example.

5) As you can tell, I'm not conversant with the command prompt, "exit" works just fine,Thanks for that gem!......:-)

Sorry it took me so long to come back, had to dig the mag out of the archives!

  Dipso 00:12 09 Sep 2007

1. AFAIK the BT Speedtester will not work for LLU or Datastream connections only IPStream.
2. Attenuation is a measure of loop loss. This is a physical measurement related to your line and cannot be changed. As you have deduced, 54db is quite high and cannot be improved unless you move closer to the exchange.
3.Try this to find your current MTU setting click here?
4. A tracert determines the route taken to a destination address. If you compare my results to yours you can see the results vary between ISP's/connections.

  six-h 00:56 09 Sep 2007

language!!AFAIK ?
IIRC?(from your email)
2)- or BT/Outreach improve the line quality?
3) Wow, are those my figures, immediately I follow your link?
I must say I havn't a clue what it all means, but I get the feeling that it is saying there is room for improvement, and the means to achieve it are available to me, am I right?
4) So why does it sometimes put an asterisk instead of a time? That's what foxed me!

  Dipso 01:11 09 Sep 2007

Sorry, AFAIK - As far as I know
IIRC - If I remember correctly.

2. It's very unlikely that Openreach can improve the attenuation. I have seen an odd case where repeated faults have lead to Openreach connecting the line up to a new pair which has resulted in a lower attenution and better line stats overall but you'd have to haver a major fault to get them to do this and an improved attenuation figure isn't guaranteeed.
3. What does it give your MTU as?
4. An asterisk indicates a dropped packet or timeout.

  six-h 13:38 09 Sep 2007

presumed that you had retired, so went to bed!
I will get to know the "shorthand"....eventually!

How do you find these websites?
It says that my MTU is currently 1400, and I should consider uping it to 1500.

The Kitz site, as I said offers to maximise the registry settings, would you trust it?

As I said yesterday, I've cycled the power on my router, and reconnected.
I'm now back on G.992.3 Annex A, and the downward bandwidth is up, to 3456 SNR Margin looking more normal at 15.5 / 6.5

I must apologise for the attachment yesterday, I notice that I didn't re-size the scans before zipping them!
Let me Know if you haven't opened them, and I'll send them again - re-sized!

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