Can Registry Mechanic damage your computer?

  kull34 23:27 25 Sep 2005

I have been given a copy of Registry Mechanic version 5 which a friend bought but didn't install. Apparently someone at work told him it would damage his system by incorrectly removing entries from the registry.

I installed it this evening and it found 157 problem entries which I let it fix as it made a back up in case of future problems. I must admit to being apprehensive about this as 157 problems seems excessive. Or is it?

Could anyone with experience of this program offer any advice?


  p;3 00:08 26 Sep 2005

I have no experience of the program but would be useful to know what your windows operating system is please; and I for one would not go anywhere near the Registry unless I knew exactly what I was doing with it ( which I do not); of interest, does your computer still seem to be functioning properly?hopefully someone who has experience of the program will come along and enlighten us both:))

  LastChip 00:12 26 Sep 2005

Putting it bluntly, any program like Registry Mechanic can damage your computer. Not in the physical sense, but sometimes registry entries are incorrectly deemed as being obsolete, when in fact they are needed.

Having said that, 157 problem entries is not necessarily excessive. Windows and it's associated programs are notoriously bad at cleaning their debris when un-installing, and I have seen significantly more entries than that on some machines that needed cleaning out. (over a thousand in one case).

These cleaning type programs do have a place in your armoury, but just be a little bit careful on what you allow to be removed.

  kull34 00:42 26 Sep 2005

Thanks for your replies. I am using XP Pro and had no known problems on my computer. Everything still appears to be functioning OK but I am going to restore the back up RM made as I am not very happy in case something has been removed which shoudn't have been.

It would probably be best to use RM if you are looking to remove specific entries when you do have a problem.



  p;3 00:57 26 Sep 2005

my suggestion would be that if you can do a restore to a point before all this happened which I believe you can with your OS, that you do so; what other "scanning programs " have you got on there?you might wish to run a basic health check on your pc with its own in built programs just to give it a "once over" and freshen up after it has had that program in it;:))

as has been said, it is really unwise to go anywher near the Registry unless you know exactly what you are doing; and both you and me evidently do not:::))

hope it still runs ok?

  kull34 01:17 26 Sep 2005

I have restored the back up made by RM. My computer is perfectly healthy as once a week I run Norton AV,(NIS installed), Microsoft ASpy, SpyBot, Ad-Aware,a squared and Crap Cleaner (including the issues function). I also have Spyware Blaster installed. I keep all of these up to date and regularly defrag and run check disc so I am quite clean.


  p;3 01:30 26 Sep 2005

someone is optimistic in saying "my computer is perfectly healthy"and tempting fate::))

however; I jest;
but; stay away from the beloved Registry; please!!

just because someone else uses a particular program does not mean you should or must :))

take care:)

  sattman 08:04 26 Sep 2005

Depending on how you use your computer your registry will become full of dead and useless links, the situation will be made worse if you habitually install and remove software. Web browsing also makes changes but likely to be less so if you use some of protection software around such as ad-aware and spybot to name but two.

Any registry activity such as changes or cleaning can stop your computer working due to essential required data being changed or removed.

If using a cleaner it is essential that you do a reg back up prior to scanning.

If you insist on using a reg cleaner (and it can become a must do thing for some) A image restore facility is a must to give additional restore protection

  wee eddie 08:19 26 Sep 2005

Firstly: When you use your Registry Editor it is logical to make a System Restoration Point.

Secondly: It would be sensible to Back-up the Registry before making any alterations.

No quibble with either of those.

My suggestion, is to deal with only about 15% of the items each week. Starting with those that you can identify as belonging to previously removed software.

  mbp 19:27 26 Sep 2005

I use Registry First Aid, which is similar to Registry Mechanic for several years now and I have found it an excellent tool and I have never had any problems with it.

The program comes to its own when you are changing to a different program. For example you may be using Norton Internet Security 2004, and you decide that you want to switch to Zone Alarm Firewall, and Avast Anti Virus, which are freeware, and you do not want any possible conflicts. Then you should try to remove every element of Nortons from your HDD. First enter, Norton Internet Security, as well as Symantec, and seek out any components still in your computer, only after you have used the Remove Tool from Symantec for your NIS. You will be staggered to find the number of items still in your computer even after using Nortons Remove Tool for the program. It will number in the hundreds of items. These could or may not cause conflicts with other Firewall and antivirus programs that you are about to install.

It is quite a long process. First download the new programs but do not install it. Then Go Off Line, and remove NIS with the Norton Tool, then run your Registry Mechanic, several times to make sure all has been removed. When you are happy, then install your Firewall and AntiVirus and update immediately. You are all set and there will not be any conflicts. Then you will say, My Registry Mechanic works wonders on my computer. But do Read every item that you are about to remove, and untick it if you are not sure. Of course, a Back up or Restore Point is always advisable.

  Gosford 21:55 26 Sep 2005

I have Registry Mechanic on my PC and have had no problems with it at all. It is an older version than yours though (3.8).

When you use the registry cleaner you will probably find that you can save a backup of your registry from with in the program itself, so if anything does go wrong you should hoprfully be able to fix it.

As I said mine is an older version , but I would be suprised if they got rid of the ability to back up the registry before you start deleting parts of it.

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