Can this really help me

  himself1978 01:14 19 Jul 2008

I am having problems with a few drivers but my experience in this field will only make matters worse. I have found this site "" and would like to know if anyone has any experience of this site or one simular? Do these sites really help or should I be warey?

  tullie 01:31 19 Jul 2008

Which drivers do you need,and whats the problem?

  mrwoowoo 01:57 19 Jul 2008

Better to identify the drivers and source them yourself in my opinion.
As tullie says Which drivers do you need,and whats the problem?

  himself1978 03:06 19 Jul 2008

After I have selected a user and the setting start up I have two problems:

SPI has encountered a problem and needs to close.

I have a SIL Array Manger box that appears but doesnt seem to have a purpose it can be X'd top right of the box and it shuts down. I darent delete it from the add/remove programmes because it will prob cause more probs.

I have looked on my manafactures website for the list of BIOs and drivers and there are so many and i dont know what Im looking at.

  tullie 05:35 19 Jul 2008

Is this Vista or Xp?

  himself1978 10:48 19 Jul 2008

This is an XP home edition with an AMD processor, ASUS motherboard and NVidia GPU.

  himself1978 12:48 19 Jul 2008

Here is a bit more info on the second problem. The box that appears says the following:

SATA RAID 5 (array manager)
Controller: Sil3114

Within there is a green symble with "Controller 0"

And there are 4 devices which have their own colum eg:

Device 0
Device 1
Device 2
Device 3

But each colum is empty.

So what should i do to correct any problem if there is one and how do I stop the box from appearing after a user has been selected?

  Ditch999 15:00 19 Jul 2008

RAID has been enabled in the BIOS but you are not apparently using it. The Sil3114 is the RAID controller and it is looking for hard drives for a RAID5 array (which you may not have)
When you switch on your PC you would get the BIOS POST screen which lists your hardware, like the CPU RAM, hard disks and CD/DVD drives.
How many hard disks do you have? You need a minimum of 3 to have RAID5.
After that screen you probably get another screen which says something like "RAID utility. Hit F10 to enter setup." This is where you would build your array with the available disks.
As you have not said if your system ever had or has RAID or who the maker is I cannot be more specific.
click here is a brief description from Dell.

You also say your OS is XP Home SP1? Why has no-one put SP2 on?

  himself1978 05:46 21 Jul 2008

I have a Mesh Matrix Eclipse that is around 3 years old with one hard drive partitioned in two with one part for the OS.
Service pack 3 has been installed but the problem with the Bios predated that. Can I re install service pack one without losing service pack two and three?

I entered the raid configuration utility and found the following:

Main Menu
Create raid set
Delete raid set
Rebuild raid 1 set
Resolve conflicts
Low Level format
Logical drive info (I pressed enter to view this but all that appeared was a symbol in the help menu)

Help Menu
Press enter to create raid set

Physical Drive
There wsnt any text in this box.

I appricate your interest in this, thankyou.

Logical Drive
There wasnt any text in this box

  Ditch999 20:15 21 Jul 2008

With only one hard drive you cannot have RAID and you should go in to the BIOS and disable it.

If you run CPUZ click here it will tell you the make and model of your motherboard which you can post here if you want and I'm sure that you will be pointed towards the right drivers for it if they are needed.

It would also enable me to tell you exactly how to disable RAID in your BIOS if you wanted to.

If you have SP3 installed and have no problems with it then I would leave it installed.

  himself1978 05:46 22 Jul 2008

Manufacturer - Asustek computer inc
Model - A8N SLI Deluxe 1.xx
Chipset - NVIDIA NFORCE4 Rev. A3
Southbridge - NVIDIA NFORCE4 MCP

Brand - Pheonix Technologies
Version - ASUS A8N-SLI DELUXE ACPI BIOS Revision 1011
Date - 06/02/2005

Graphic Interface
Version - PCI-Express
Link Width - x16
Max Supported - x16
Side Band - box is blank

Hope that is everything that is required.

If disabling the raid is possible then I would appericate that but could this lead to any problems?

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