Can the psu stick on?

  mosfet 12:22 27 Jun 2003

My pc does not boot every time lately.I have found the psu is very warm (after being shut down for hours) and the power led slightly glows.If i have switched off at the wall, after shutdown there is no problem on startup.I have tested the power sw & it's ok,so it must be mobo or psu?

Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 12:31 27 Jun 2003

PSU's cannot stick on, they only work when there is a load, as they are called switching power supply. But it may well be faulty, the best way to try it, is to fit a spare if you have one.

  -pops- 13:46 27 Jun 2003

Unless physically switched off, many PSUs will provide a trickle current to keep a motherboard active and ready for the next boot up. This is especially so if you have "Wake up on Ring" or "Wake up on LAN" activated in the BIOS. Many modern motherboard have LED "traffic lights" on them to indicate the power state they are in. If you look in the case of your machine, you may see these glowing when the computer is ostensibly shut down.

In this trickle state, the PSU fans are switched off because it is only providing a very small current but, the device does still generate heat which is what you are experiencing. It appears warm because there is no fan to dissipate small amount of heat generated.

Having said all that, though, it doesn't answer your problem. What I do, and suggest the same to you unless you have a good reason not to, is; each time you shut down, physically disconnect your computer from the mains.


  mosfet 21:00 27 Jun 2003

Thanks both for your thoughts,I would like to get to the root of this because something has gone wrong,the os 98se is ok or it would show, starting from cold also,it must be tied don't you think? It seems a lot of heat tho for just a trickle of current.However I should be getting some spares together tho because I like sorting things (with help from you in this forum)& it's satisfying & still quicker & cheaper than the less than "experts" in town.I'll start switching of the mains.

  mosfet 18:32 28 Jul 2003

No more problems since fitting psu

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