Can problems not dealt with by a Reistery Scan be

  1936 19:27 05 May 2008

In an attempt to deal with the problem that my computer keeps crashing I eventually bought a Registery Scan package. It scaned my computer and found over 100 problems and the software removed all but four of them. I scanned an hour later and it found ten problems and it removed eight.
Two questions:
1. Where did four problems come from in an hour after the scan?
2. Why does the software not remove the remaining two problems and does it matter?
The two problems are:
Missing or Invalid path. The key sharedDlls under HKEY-LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion contains a bad patch C:\Windows\system32\DIMM.DLL for the value
Missing or Invalid Path The key SharedDlls under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion contains a bad patch C:WINDOWS\system32\DIMM.DLL foor the value

  Graham. 19:31 05 May 2008

Have you looked in Event Viewer?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:47 05 May 2008

Try in safe mode.

  1936 21:33 05 May 2008

Sorry to appear stupid but why should I look in Events Viewer and even more stupid, what do you mean by trying it in safe mode?

  Graham. 23:38 05 May 2008

Maybe the problem you are encountering cannot be solved by the program you have bought.

If you give more details, other solutions may be available.

  birdface 10:38 06 May 2008

Lots of free ones out there that work very well.You could download and try Wlnaso Optimizer [free]It will only repair 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like and also does an automatic back here

  1936 20:47 06 May 2008

The computer started crashing a year or so ago when I was using word then just opening up again.
None of the so called experts have managed to fix it then I contacted "Tech Guys". The first one uttered those frightening words, "are yes, I can see what it is" claiming that it was a virus. He ran a virus check and went away.
The computer immediately crashes again but fair play to them they sent another man out who diagnosed the fault as a dodgy capacitator on the Video Card saying when the top of the capacitator starts to bulge up its on its way out. He didn’t replace but went away saying to call him back if it crashes again. Well, it did crash again and I have been told that a video card either works or does not work so the capaitator story is rubish.

I was given the following advice:
Disable auto restart on system failure, so I can see the error message.
I turned of the "Automatically restart" but the computer does not show an error message when it crashes.

I clicked on the Event Viewer line the following came up.
Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 30013
Source: ipnathlp

A technician from somewhere else came clicked on event viewer followed the instructions and said that was not the problem.

Since then I have been advised to install ad-aware and a registry cleaner which I did.

I was also advised to check task manager and did so looked at every item but could find no problems.

While the technician was here last week we decided to print a crossword puzzle from the Guardian web page and the computer crashed but this time leaving a screen full of white on blue words and we had to switch the computer of manually. The technician checked the printer driver and attempted to upgrade it with no success due I think to Samsungs drivers not working properly as it rejected the new driver each time demanding the disc.

Last night I started to type the notes up on this problem and the computer crashed again only this time there was a totally different error message in event viewer.

Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 7000
Source: Service Control Manager
Version: 5.0

This morning I started to re-type the notes and it crashed again only this time with a different message in event viewer so I am reduced to typing on my laptop and transferring the document using a memory stick.

Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 1002
Source: Dhcp
Version: 5.0

The whole thing is a mess. It may be cheaper to buy another computer but I would really like to get to the bottom of it.

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