Can please verify!!!

  CutNpaste 19:20 11 Mar 2005

Hi everybody,

Can anyone please verify that the following web hosting is ligit:

Because i have already joined with them and nothing seems to be working, sucha as accessing the ftp server etc.

If this is a fruad site then please tell me what i should do next.


  PurplePenny 20:10 11 Mar 2005

Do a search for them. They appear to be legit but not necessarily efficient!

  Forum Editor 23:08 11 Mar 2005

It's owned by a fashion-industry company called Dollamore Ltd. (to which the domain name streamlinenet is registered), and if you want my guess I would say that here is possibly an example of a rich father indulging a son or daughter's desire to run a web-hosting business (although that is purely my guess and nothing more).

The same company also runs a business called

As Penny says - they may simply be inefficient, or suffering from technical problems. Have you contacted them about your difficulties?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 13:09 12 Mar 2005

click here

absoloutely useless,and didn't work at all!

As Taran said to me:

"There should have been no fault to begin with"

Its clear they are a tacky hosting company.

I am with click here they are not that bad,very cheap,fast,stable for the price you pay.

  CutNpaste 23:17 12 Mar 2005

I have wrote my problems on their ticket system and i havent recieved a reply.
I'm getting a little worried here, because there is no acyivity going on.
Such as the DNS address that they gave me to adjust my domain that i am to transfer, isnt working at all, because when i type the url of my domian it still redirects to the other hosting company.

Some onr please tell me wot to do!!!!

  CutNpaste 23:23 12 Mar 2005

They have a 28 day money back, if i dont use any of their service.
I am quite happy to get out of that service along with my money. But then again i am thinking ARE THEY GONNA REPLY, let alone GIVE MY MONEY BACK.

Damn i'm paranoid.
I always go for somthing that i dont do my research on. I guess i should have came in here and asked for advice first.

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