Can Partitioning cause bad sectors?

  Jake_027 22:10 11 Apr 2007

I recently tried to partition my hard drive on my laptop (using Paragon Partition Manager 2005 off a recent PCA Disc) with disastrous results. Windows XP gets a BSOD before it loads the welcome screen and reboots, the acer recovery CD's won't work, and Acronis TI10 reports a large number of bad sectors on the disk when trying to restore and then freezes. I ran seatools tonight (as seagate make the drive) and that couldn't even detect a drive, although it kept freezing so it may be a faulty burnt disc, I am going to try again later. However, speaking to a friend today he said that bad sectors cannot be caused by partitioning and that I may have uncovered them on an unused part of the drive while partitioning. Is this true, because if it is then I can send the laptop back under warranty, but I need a case to do so first.



  woodchip 22:19 11 Apr 2007

No. But they may show up when it tries to write a part of the drive that as not been used

Recovery CD will not work as you have changed the Disc Configuration. You should not try to do things on the cheap, like using Paragon. I use Acronis DiscDirector Suite 10

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:15 11 Apr 2007

There is absolutely no need to partition modern computers. Get an external HD and use Acronis to copy your drive. In the unlikely event that you need to restore the HD then it will only take a short time. I have a feeling that any problems with the drive will be from the use of a partition manager that has corrupted the hidden restore section. This may not bode well if you try to return the computer.

G 00:26 12 Apr 2007

replaced in a PC less than a year old. Then I read the bit at the back of the manual that said creating partitions would cause problems! Good job they were all under guarantee, and the engineer didn't realise what had happened.

  Totally-braindead 00:34 12 Apr 2007 can you give more info on this manual that states this as I have never heard that this is the case and would like to see whos saying this.

  Simsy 08:49 12 Apr 2007

may cause problems with a set-up... if the setup isn't expecting there to be different partitions.

Creating partitions doesn't, of itself, cause problems with the HDD itself.



  Jake_027 11:46 12 Apr 2007

For all the input. I am currently getting help from acronis support but if I cannot restore using true image, would the only way to fix this be to buy a new copy of windows, or is there another way to fix the problem?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:16 12 Apr 2007

may be a stupid question but most new computers give you the option to make a recovery DVD, did you make a recovery DVD when you bought the computer. Secondly, can you borrow an XP disc and try a repair install?

  Jake_027 18:22 12 Apr 2007

I have already tried the recovery disc but because the partitions have changed they won't work. It was XP MCE and I don't know anyone with a disc for it, especially as it is available in OEM versions anyway. With these options out, what can I do to get back on track, will buying a new copy of windows be the best thing to do. I ran a seatools DOS test today which came up with no problems so the disc is OK, but windows will still not boot and I am still having problems with True Image, although acronis support have been excellent so far.



  woodchip 22:59 12 Apr 2007

If you have Info on the Disc that you want,my suggestion you buy a 2.5" caddy and plug it in the USB on the computer you are now using to get your files of it. then start from scratch with the drive and clear it with a XP cd then reload

  skidzy 23:13 12 Apr 2007

Something to try:

Alot of system give you the option to create a recovery disc,i see you have done this.

Also some also have the os on a hidden parttion as with my Phillips/Dell and and Emachine.
Now i do not expect this to work as you have played around with the partitions,but try tapping F11 on startup (before windows loads) hopefully you may be given 3 options.

1) Repair
2) Restore to factory settings (destructive)
3) Recover without data loss

The options may be listed differently.

This may work,may not...but certainly worth a try.

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