Can Opera Browser auto resize images?

  Simsy 10:56 17 Jan 2004

Hi folks,

I've been using Opera as my default browser for ages... I'm currently using version 7.23, paid for.

I'm working on something for a pal, and have just come across something slightly annoying...

When Internet Explorer came to version 6 Microsoft incorporated a feature that enabled an image to automatically be resized to fit in the browser window... does anyone know if this is possible in Opera? I can't see anything obvious in the preferences, and assume the feature doesn't exists, but I'm just posting this qestion in hope!

Thanks in anticipation,



  VoG II 21:22 17 Jan 2004

Bump for Pesala.

  Simsy 19:55 18 Jan 2004




  Pesala 20:15 18 Jan 2004

No. It doesn’t exist as far as I know. Stick it on the wish-list if you want it click here

Since Opera has zoom in and out with the ± keys on the numeric keypad, it is not a big problem. Resizing large images slows down page loading. Try viewing this page click here in Opera, then try it in Internet Explorer, and see which you prefer.

The problem with resizing images to fit the browser window is that they become distorted. This makes screenshots fuzzy and hard to read. I disable it in Internet Explorer.

  Pesala 20:36 18 Jan 2004

which depends on the speed of your connection. Then IE can zoom to fit or zoom to 100% in one or two seconds, not quite instant on my slow PC (onboard graphics may be the problem). One can also scroll around quite happily at 100% using the middle mouse button.

Opera cannot zoom to fit exactly. 20% is a bit too small to fit my browser window and 30% is a bit too big (unless I use fullscreen mode, then it fits fine). However, the joy is that redrawing is instant, zooming is as smooth as a baby's bottom, all the way from 10% to 1000% One can scroll around and zoom in to any portion.

There is no contest IMO. Opera wins hands down for speed and flexibility.

  Simsy 04:52 19 Jan 2004




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