can only get 30gb of 200gb drive

  howard60 21:47 16 Sep 2005

due to a problem during formatting I now can only get to 30 GB of a diamond max 200 GB drive. I started by fdisk and set a 30 GB partition and set it active. I then set the remainder as a logical drive. The 30GB then had win98se on it. When I then tried to load xp pro on the remainder, it formatted it as ntfs and started loading. Due to a power failure I had to restart and then found that nothing could find the 170GB partition. I have gone as far as downloading the maxblast 4 software which sees it as a 200GB drive and have done a full low level format. When I now try to fdisk only the first 30GB is available. Does anyone know how to get it back to normal. All suggestions would be appreciated. The system is a socket 939 with an AMD 64 3500. Thanks in advance.

  interzone55 21:50 16 Sep 2005

Check the jumpers on the back of the drive (between the power & data connectors) one of the jumpers is probably set to 32Gb cap, necessary for people who's mobos or OS are unable to see more than 32Gb.

Remove the jumper and you will be able to use all the drive, you may need to reformat it, or set the rest of the drive as a separate partition.

  howard60 21:52 16 Sep 2005

no it is not jumpers as before the power failure it was quite happy to format the 170gb partition

  merrycherry 21:57 16 Sep 2005

Are you looking for the 170gb from within win98se - because win98se can't see ntfs partitions. Can you see the full 200gb in BIOS?

  woodchip 21:59 16 Sep 2005

You need to start again from scratch

  woodchip 22:00 16 Sep 2005

Due to a power failure..... as messed up the MBR. Use Fdisk again

  Sharpamatt 07:52 17 Sep 2005

With ref to the Win 98 was this an old system which you upgraded the drive on ? if so check you BIOS settings.

why not reformat and partion useing your XP pro install disc. leaving one partion which you can format to FAT allowing you to put your old Win 98 onto

  Diodorus Siculus 08:36 17 Sep 2005

Is windows loaded onto it now?

If yes, right click on "my computer"

choose manage

disk management

From there you should see it all and be able to sort it out.

  Yoda Knight 09:15 17 Sep 2005

Installing '98 after XP is not that easy...

  howard60 09:19 17 Sep 2005

unfortunately when I try to install xp pro after win98 although it appears to see the unused partition and says press C to install on this nothing happens when I press C so it is not able to. This is a new pc for a friend who has used 98 and although wants to go to xp wants 98 for the time being.

  howard60 11:52 17 Sep 2005

now installed as a slave in a winxp sp2 pc it is shown in the bios correctly as a Maxtor 6L200PO but disk management shows it as a 30GB drive and I can do nothing with it.

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