Can only boot from old hard drive

  spras 11:49 23 Aug 2010

Vista took a turn for the worst yesterday so I took the opportunity to put on Windows 7. I installed it to a fresh 200gb drive. Vista originally resided on a partition of a 500gb drive. I've ported over all my app date etc. and now want to wipe the original 60gb Vista partition.

However, if I change the boot order in BIOS to the 200gb Win 7 drive the BIOS asks for a valid system disk. There is no issue if the 500gb drive is 1st in the boot order, it boots to Windows 7 by default (and getting rid of option to boot Vista can easily be done from msconfig). My guess is windows 7 didn't put a bootloader on the new drive and I'm worried getting rid of the Vista partition on the 500gb is going to cripple the system.

How do I go about ensuring the 200gb Win 7 drive can be booted from?

  johndrew 12:14 23 Aug 2010

Sounds as if you are correct - but why I don`t know unless the drives are IDE in which case did you make the new one Master and the old (500GB) slave?

Perhaps the easiest way is to:

Shut the system down electrically.

Disconnect the 500GB drive with Vista leaving the new 200GB installed (if it is IDE make certain the jumper is set to 'Master'.

Ensure the 500GB jumper is set to 'Slave'.

Reinstall W7 and ensure it boots.

Shut the system down electrically.

Reconnect the 500GB drive and boot up.

The system should boot as you want and files can be transferred.

  spras 13:02 23 Aug 2010

Drives are both SATA

Yeah, reinstalling Windows 7 was the first thing that crossed my mind but I've just spend a good 8 hour day re-installing programs and sorting out settings. Ideally I'd like to do this without a reinstall.

The other thing I thought of was physically copying the boot files (BOOTSECT.BAK and bootmgr) to the Win 7 drive. I'm wondering if this will be sufficient though?

  gengiscant 14:33 23 Aug 2010

It is easy enough to repair any startup problems by using your Win 7 disk.
I would disconect the vista hdd and booting with the Win 7 hdd and the disk, hopefully you can repair your boot problems.
Reconnect your Vista hdd and and boot and you should go straight to Win 7,fingers crossed.

  spras 21:53 23 Aug 2010

I thought that would work, however...

I booted up with the windows disk in and clicked repair. It doesn't list the OS - very odd. The repair comes with windows explorer, and I can navigate to win 7 on the drive. The repair utility can obviously see the files, it just won't recognise it as an OS. Tried to find some drivers, it wouldn't install them. So I plugged the other drive in and booted in to windows where the drivers did install. Booted back in to repair and there had been no change. I tried hitting next anyway and clicking 'Startup Repair' which did nothing. Any ideas?

  Zeppelyn 21:59 23 Aug 2010

Download EasyBCD, it will sort this no here

  spras 09:27 24 Aug 2010

Cheers, that was a quick no-hassle solution to that problem

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