Can one router show up as two networks?

  br1anstorm 21:52 22 Apr 2008

My laptop, running XP Pro, is connected wirelessly to my Netgear DG834Gv2 router. The router is set up with WPA encryption, and I have renamed the SSID.
I also have an old Win95 laptop connected by ethernet wire to the router (but this old machine is normally switched off, so the connection does not show as 'live' on the front of the router.

When I look at "available networks" on my XP aptop, it shows the named, WPA-encrypted network to which I am connected. And it also shows another open unencrypted network named "NETGEAR" (to which I am not connected.)

When I log into the router via my browser, it shows that I am indeed connected to the named, encrypted network.

It is I suppose possible that this other network called "NETGEAR" is from one of my neighbours - but this seems unlikely, as none of them live that close...

So how can I check the details/source of this other network? Is my own router broadcasting this unencrypted network signal (as well as the encrypted one which I am connected to)? And if so, how can I prevent this happening and avoid anyone else connecting to this network if it is indeed mine!


  rossgolf 22:10 22 Apr 2008

it wont be yours as one router cannot beam out 2 ssids. if your ssid is somethink other than NETGEAR then its fine. it could be a house nearby that could have a wifi extender.
wat kind of signal is it from the NETGEAR un encrypted...god. bad. medium??

  br1anstorm 23:05 22 Apr 2008

Thanks, rossgolf - that's very reassuring. As regards the signal-strength, 'my' signal is strong (shows the five-bar max), and the other "NETGEAR" one is a mere one-bar. Seems to bear out your suggestion that it is indeed coming from one of my neighbours who hasn't set up encryption...


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