Can not open files

  shingar 23:40 06 Sep 2008

I use Paint Shop Pro 9 and Animation Shop and for the passed few weeks anytime I have created a psp file or a gif or jpeg I can't open it again.

I have been using these programmes for years and I am not doing anything differently. I started noticing this when I was download photographs from my camera onto my computer. When I was saving them and then going back into the folder I saved them in they were not there. I do save most of my files and photos onto an 8GB pen drive as I have had 2 experiences of nearly losing everything on my computer. There is plenty of room on this drive.

Can anyone help me? Does anyone know why this is going like this and is there anyway I can do something to open the files I have created in psp and animation shop?

Thanks for any help in advance.

  lotvic 00:07 07 Sep 2008

1. Firstly, right click My Computer > Explore > Tools > Folder options > View and UNTICK 'Hide extensions for known file types' click on Apply and OK
so that when you see the files listed you will know what type it is .psp or .jpg etc

2. Are the folders and photos there when you look in Windows Explorer?

3. If you are trying to open the pics from within the Program (Paint shop or Animation Shop) make sure that in the 'Open' popup box where you navigate to the folders you have 'Files of type' set to 'All Files'

hope it helps

  shingar 00:19 07 Sep 2008

I've unticked that options but still can not open the files. When I go to open them it says that they cannot be read. The extensions are gifs and psp as I did create them myself. All files have been ticked for both programmes. I have a number of psp and gif files saved to my pen drive but it is only a few of them don't open and I can even see a preview of them. What I did do last night was save something to my documents and was able to access it again ok so I am wondering if its the pen drive.

I have had a number of problems with my computer were I could not log in, well it didn't even show the log in screen. The first time it happened I had all sentimental photos on it. Lucky they were saved and computer fixed but it happened again. One of the things I notice when it was about to go was that my BT Broadband would not connect and I had to do a system restore all the time. Well, my broadband keeps disconnecting now although I don't have to do a restore to get back online. I just hope the top problem isn't another sign the computer is going to go again.

  lotvic 01:18 07 Sep 2008

You need to make sure that all your files are backed up (copied) so that you don't lose them.

Now make sure that all the cables and leads are properly plugged in and not loose.

Read about this proceedure first click here
If XP (I am presuming you have XP) is playing up check the Windows files
To do this simply go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow
(note the space between c and / )
you may be prompted for your Windows CD

Read about sfc (sytem file checker) first click here

If your broadband is playing up disconnect the leads for about 30 seconds and then connect it back up again (they can be subject to a static buildup and that will clear it)

I hope that your antivirus etc is all up to date (?)

  lotvic 01:21 07 Sep 2008

Ooops I posted the same link twice - only meant to do it once - it's getting late

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