can not connect my wii to the internet. AOL isp

  ramsanine 01:42 06 May 2007

I've been trying to connect my nintendo wii to the internet for a week. Ive been in wii forums but they dont help very much so im here to talk to the computer experts. I believe it is a firewall issue maybe the aol firewall. I just updated my firmware on my wrt54g v2.0 linksys. but that didn't do anything. I tried putting the wii's mac address on the router in the access section but the wii connects to the router just fine. It just can not access the internet whick leads me to believe that it is an AOL issue. I figure its the same as when i cant access internet through internet explorer unless i am signed into AOL. so if anyone knows any thing about the aol firewall. please help me. I am desperate. stressed

  Snec 02:39 06 May 2007

You need to check all your settings. IE should connect to the internet through the router without even having the AOL software on your computer. I've been with AOL for seven years but have not had their software on for the last three. My grandson connects his games machine (don't remember what it is) through the router when he stays with us.

There is something not quite right with your settings I think.

  ramsanine 05:06 06 May 2007

AOL is you ISP or is just a program?? Because ive been researching it and the reason why my wii can't get online is because it would need to have AOL software on it and be able to log on. Which is what i have found out so as of a few hours ago i have switched my ISP.

  FatboySlim71 08:40 06 May 2007

'the reason why my wii can't get online is because it would need to have AOL software on it and be able to log on'

This seems a bit odd, im with AOL, I use a Netgear DG834G modem router which connects to my Ethernet port on my pc, I can access the internet without having to load up/or have the A O L software installed on my pc. Snec is right, you can have AOL as your ISP and not use their software.

  ramsanine 12:05 07 May 2007

well i talked to nintendo and the guy at nintendo said that people with aol will not be able to get onto wiiconnnect24 for the same reasons i came up with. I dont know how you guys can access the web without logging into aol?? I have never been able to do it. maybe i have the wrong aol program. But nintendo hasnt found a solution to the aol problem which leads me to conclude that it is not posible. Also i talked to aol and they do not want to be a Highspeed isp anymore and they want people to leave them and get new isp's. So they were very happy when i switched.

  provider 2 12:15 07 May 2007

Having spent some time thinking that it was not possible to connect to the internet without signing on to AOL I was proven entirely wrong by using the same method as FatboySlim ie ethernet connection. Believe me it is possible. I do it daily!
AOL`s help and support, I regret to say, is notoriously unhelpful.

  provider 2 12:22 07 May 2007

The issue is further confused by the fact that the AOL browser is, in fact, whichever IE you have with AOL bits added on.

  setecio 12:24 07 May 2007

Have you followed this click here

  Snec 14:26 07 May 2007

If you use a router to get on the net then AOL software, browsers, or anthing else does not come into it.

My grandson connects either of his game machines via my router and AOL (not AOL software) when he stays with me.

  provider 2 14:43 07 May 2007

Understood and agreed Snec. I was trying(and failing) to make the point that for many AOL users the system seems to be entirely depedent on AOL software which, of course is not true, though it is in AOL`s interests(advertising etc)to make it appear that way.
I suspect there must be an awful lot of people who simply assume that if you are with AOL, then you must use the AOL software.

  Snec 19:05 07 May 2007

Yes, you're right, I think they do too.

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