Can not add to DVD+RW as says its not EDITABLE

  LEGGGGY 10:20 01 Jul 2005


just fitted first dvdrw to my pc ( LG GSA4163B ), have dound it not as easy to use as i thought it would be;

tried to copy a movie however was told have wrong disc type !!

have made a photo disc with music etc ,however i would like to add to it but the software says the disc is not editable so i cant do anything !!!

am using philips DVD+RW 4.7GB DISCS,SINGLE SIDED

Any help please

  TomJerry 10:42 01 Jul 2005

you can only make it "editable" when you format it with a "packet writing" software such as InCD with Nero, DirectCD with Roxio, DLA with Sonic, FileCD with NTI etc etc.

Alternatively, you can add file to DVD-R or DVD-RW if you burn them with "Multi-Session" option

  ACOLYTE 10:46 01 Jul 2005

Did you start a mutilsession disk,i dont know what burning software you have but on most it gives you the option to start a multisession so you can add more to a disk,if not then you wont be able to add more unless you format the disk and start again.Dont know about the other part only that it may say that the disk isnt big enough for the file you wont to copy this is really i think a limitation on the burning software as most files i copy some 7 gig in size fit onto a 4.7 gig dvd.

  LEGGGGY 10:51 01 Jul 2005

thanks tomjerry . not 100% sure about ur reply as im not a pc brain,,but im using the software packaged with the drive which is nero express, would u think the options i need will be within the software somewhere, plus is there anything i can do with the disc ive already written

  LEGGGGY 11:00 01 Jul 2005

thanks Acolyte just gone into the software "powerproducer,, and it gives option to create a VRdisc which says it is editable, so will try this ,just hope it plays on gernaral dvd players !!!!!!!!!!

  ACOLYTE 14:39 01 Jul 2005

It should do if your home dvd supports VR formats they are available now like the ones that record programs to dvd of the tv .

click here for a nice explanation on VR disc's

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