Can no longer connect to wanadoo account

  wellgate 12:07 30 Jun 2005

Hi, i've got an anytime account which im running two computers through. Moved house a month ago and changed the phone details with wanadoo. Now one pc doesnt connect. All i get is error message 678.

Must mention that it does sometimes manage to conect, which makes me feel the modem is fine. Saying that, 95% of the time it wont connect.

Any ideas on this?


  rawprawn 12:20 30 Jun 2005
  Completealias 12:26 30 Jun 2005

A friend of mine has had some trouble connecting to wanadoo recently it seems to be intermittant

  Wuggy 13:15 30 Jun 2005

If one PC is connecting as normal and the other giving problems then I would suggest that the phone line is OK and Wanadoo's service is OK otherwise BOTH the PC's would have the same problems connecting. I would think the answer lies with the PC which is having problems. Have you tried re-installing the drivers for the modem or even transferring the known to be working modem from your other PC into the problem one and seeing if there is any improvement. It may also be a noisy line and one modem is more sensitive to this than the other. Contact BT and have them increase the 'gain' on your phone line to see if this makes any difference. It might be worthwhile using the modem cable from the working PC as well just in case the cable's faulty.

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