Can my Spam be stopped?

  heavymetalkid 19:32 01 Jul 2005

I have suddenly started to receive dozens of Spam e-mails every day. Many of them are offering Viagra (not that I need it)and other such products.
The sender's address is total gobbledygook,and I have most definitely not ordered anything. As a matter of fact I have never purchased anything on line.
I have repeatedly used the Outlook Express word blocking facility to no avail, still they get through.
Can anyone help?

  VCR97 19:44 01 Jul 2005

I doubt if anything will stop it but Mailwasher will help. click here

  maveric 19:49 01 Jul 2005

you could try Thunderbird, it has a built in spam filter, have you run all the spyware/adware prog to make sure your not infected?

  AndySD 20:36 01 Jul 2005

Who is your ISP as they may have a spam filter.

  Dorsai 21:18 01 Jul 2005

I use Thunderbird to get my mail.

You can make your own mail filters.

I have one that deletes any mail with "drugs" or "Viagra" in the subject. I never even know I was sent the mail. It's deleted before it even arrives.

I set it to "delete from POP server", if the subject contains "drugs" of "viagra"

Thunderbird is hard to set up, compaired with M/Soft Outlook, but well worth it.

  961 09:30 02 Jul 2005

There is a free version. The paid for version will stop spam and is easy to configure

  VoG II 09:33 02 Jul 2005

Free version click here

  Tycho 09:43 02 Jul 2005

I used to use SpamPal when I was getting about 40 spams a day. I then decided to change my email address and the new address stayed clean and completed spam free even though I had deliberately included it on three of my web sites for well over a year. I then got a couple of spams and changed it again. This did not seem too much of a problem because I use a permanent forwarding address provided by Southampton University. Had a spam through that a couple of days ago, though. Damn!


  freaky 11:22 02 Jul 2005

I am with NTL, up to December 04 I was getting about 90 per day! Then they started to filter spam so the amount has reduced to about 30 per day. I have set up 'Message Rules' in Outlook Express, this sends a lot of them straight to the deleted folder. A lot still get through because the spammers purposely misspell certain words, or add weird characters in between letters. This stops 'Message Rules' redirecting them. I also have Norton AntiSpam, this is very good, but it does not stop the spam, it merely sends them directly to the deleted folder.

I had very little spam when I was on NTL Dial-Up, but since going NTL Broadband it increased dramatically. I have two email addresses, the 2nd one never receives any spam!

  palinka 18:44 02 Jul 2005

I use Bigfoot as my forwarder so that if I change my ISP I don't have to notify everyone in my address book, and Bigfoot provide a cheap optional extra that blocks spam. Since I subscribed to that I get virtually no spam, whereas before that there were perhaps a dozen a day and increasing. I also use messge rules (as describd by Freaky).

  281apple 19:01 02 Jul 2005

I was in your situation about a year ago. I created a second Email address and sent it only to friends or family. At the same time, I bought McAfee's Professional Anti-virus (for two computers) and I do not use Outlook Express at all. I use only Yahoo which has a Virus and Spam searcher which work very well. I do not know if it is a combination of all this or not, but I have not received any spam in over at least 6 or 7 months. If you do not have many correspondants, why not just delete your present Email address and open a new one?

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