Can my HDD be repaired?

  laffs 22:01 20 Mar 2008

First timer with a big problem here.

Just recently migrated all data on my laptop to a Seagate portable HDD whilst I flattened my laptop and reinstalled OS.

Tried today to put backed up data back onto laptop and the HDD will not run up.

I stripped it down and measured the voltage coming out of the ac adaptor and on the power cable going into the HDD. Both voltages were correct.

As soon as I connect the HDD to the caddy it falls over and refuses to power up.

I thought, maybe, the HDD was drawing too much current so I tried to install it into my desktop to prove this. I got exactly the same symptoms when in my desktop.

I have now come to the conclusion that there is a problem with the HDD so I have 2 questions:

1) From the signs and symptoms I have mentioned here does the HDD sound like it can be repaired?

2) If not is there anyway I can retrieve the data from it?


  woodchip 22:13 20 Mar 2008

I think you are on a looser, been there done that

  Ikelos 08:52 21 Mar 2008

if you do find out perhaps you can let us all know, my Maxtor drive has given up the ghost, with a liftime's photo's on it, wife is none to happy. :-((

  jack 09:38 21 Mar 2008

In short like all small electronics - No repair.
A specialist firm [A Google search] may be able to do something - for a price depending on the nature of the failure.
If it is deduced to be a board failure ,then a substitute may be possible to get the data off
or similarly a motor or drive failure may be possible substitute on a temporary basis to enable data transfer - but it will be pricey

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:59 21 Mar 2008

If you want to get the data off click here will do it a price. It is not worth repairing the HD and a new one costs around £40. This is a good time to suggest that the purchase of a 2Gb memory drive (around a tenner) will save many problems with data.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:06 21 Mar 2008

Does the drive spin up?

If no then either platters seized or electronics/ motor failure. It is possible to buy an identical drive and swap components.

If drive spins up but not seen in My computer then corrupt and possibly recoverable with:-

Testdisc click here
Drive Rescue click here

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