Can Ms Publisher be used to produce a website?

  STEVE71163 18:16 02 Jun 2003

I was just looking through ms publisher and noticed that it appears you can use it for websites ? Can it produce reasonable results?


  Patr100 20:25 02 Jun 2003

Yes, it can but according to FE's comments in this thread, it may not be ideal as it's primarily for desktop publishing -
click here

The site featured in the above thread was produced by Publisher 2000.

  Forum Editor 20:54 02 Jun 2003

to create a web site, but then so can MS Word.

HTML can be written in any application that handles text, because that's all it is - text in a special format.

Not everyone can write HTML however, and many people have no desire to try - hence the advent of the WYSIWYG web design application. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get, and broadly speaking that's how easy it is to design a web site using FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or any one of the dozens of applications available - including Microsoft Publisher.

I've nothing against Publisher, it's a great product, and I use it often - mainly for teaching Desktop Publishing. You can use it for web design, and many people do, but if you want to progress beyond the basics you'll find yourself being frustrated by its lack of 'serious' features.

The straight answer to your question (after all that) is 'yes' MS Publisher - particularly the latest version - can produce reasonable results, so off you go, and perhaps you'll let us have a look at your site when you've finished it?

  STEVE71163 21:05 02 Jun 2003

Thanks FE. So ms publisher is a WYSIWYG is it? I would at present find it difficult to justify spending £149.99 for ms frontpage as i only want to create a simple site at the moment and the chanceller indoors says ive spent to much already on the pc :0( LOL!

  STEVE71163 21:07 02 Jun 2003

Sorry forgot to say, Its ms publisher 2000.

  Taran 02:04 03 Jun 2003

Publisher 2000 will be just fine, although the latest version is better.

I'd suggest you take a closer look at the content of Forum Editors addition to your thread.

While you can use Publisher, as he rightly points out you can also use Word if you have it as part of an office suite. In Word just select File, Save as Web Page and make sure all of your pages go into one folder as well as any images you want to use for the site.

Both Word and Publisher produce vastly bloated and clumsy code, but unless you attempt something quite advanced, odd or just plain weird they will produce workable results.

In Word click on File, New and either select Web Page from the general tab of the pop up menu or click on the far right tab on the same pop up called Web Pages and choose from some predefined templates where you can alter the basics and add your own text and images as content or pick the Web Page Wizard and follow the prompts.

Don't get too discouraged if things go a little awry at first. Stick with it and see where it takes you.

Good luck.



  STEVE71163 06:43 03 Jun 2003

Thanks for replys everyone. I will give it a go and then come back. Thanks again!

  Peter E 00:09 04 Jun 2003

In my view, Word is better than publisher for producing a simple site. I produced my first site with Word 2000 and was surprised how easy it was to produce pleasing results.

Don't forget Serif products. You can download an older version of Webplus and other progs for free from here
click here

They are easy to use and even the free ones are supported.

  RussG 19:20 24 Aug 2010

I wouldn't advise using word or publisher, it will produce a web page of sorts but it also produces so much unnecessary bad code.
There is lots of free software available that is built for the job i.e. the serif software as mentioned above. So why not do it properly, and if you do get interested in looking at the code you have a fighting chance, 'cos you won't by looking at what Word or Pub produce.
Alernatively there are lots of free page builders available on the web where you just fill in templates, or why not check out wordpress - click here


  Forum Editor 00:23 25 Aug 2010

You've posted in a thread that is over seven years old.

  chesterfield 17:49 25 Aug 2010

It's way out of date as a DTP tool so there can't be any good reason why you'd use it to make a website

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