Can MS Antispyware be updated manually

  Skills 23:21 27 Aug 2005

Hi all,

I've got to go round to a friends house this week and clean there pc it has been infected with surfya!I have done some research and found out what is neccessary to clean but would also like to run through some standard antispyware apps to give it a good clean out.

I know how to update spybot and adaware manually but was wondering if this is possible with ms antispyware as they are on xp and would like to install this on there but the internet is a no go till the infection is cleaned. Also is there any way to set up a2 without internet access as normally when you first install it won't let you scan until you have updated?

Am going to download all the tools/updates and burn to disk to take round.


  rdave13 23:36 27 Aug 2005

MS antispyware updates-just click on file and click "check for updates".

  rdave13 23:37 27 Aug 2005

MS antispyware updates-just click on file and click "check for updates".

  rdave13 23:40 27 Aug 2005

sorry for the double reply.funny going on's

  Skills 23:41 27 Aug 2005

Updating it here isn't a problem but the pc I need to clean has no internet due to infection so need to be able to manually update it. eg download update file this end and save to disk so when I install at the other end I can update using the previously saved file.

  rdave13 23:51 27 Aug 2005

could you just download ms antispyware again as it should have all the updates? Just a thought.

  Skills 23:55 27 Aug 2005

That sounds like the best option will download the program on the day I go round so its most upto date just wasn't sure if there was a way to save the updates to disk


  Taff36 00:15 28 Aug 2005

click here This version dated 18 August - watch the site. Quite honestly with the other things you propose to take with you you shouldn`t need it anyway.

  Skills 00:24 28 Aug 2005

I think I will use spybot and adware as I can manually update these but will still take round ms antispyware to install once it has been sorted. Where is the date located for the version on the ms download site Taff36?

  Taff36 23:27 28 Aug 2005

In the beige box at the top date published 7/18/2005 - sorry 18 July not August but good enough for your purposes.

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