Can a mouse with no tail switch on my Pc?

  firegamp 17:47 29 Aug 2010

I have been given a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000. One thing seems to be beyond its capabilities -- it can't wake my Pc from Hibernation mode. One click did the trick with a wired mouse. One click with its cordless brother does nothing.
Anyone know a fix for this? I have no instruction book or other paperwork. Its model number is 1056. It was designed in Redmond and made in China (N) and its P/N is X806546 - 001. firegamp

  tullie 18:43 29 Aug 2010

Doesent pressing a key work?

  AL47 18:46 29 Aug 2010

Neither my wired or wireless keyboard/mouse will start my pc from hibernation but both will waken it from sleep/standby

I have a 8000 keyboard and mouse

  firegamp 21:41 29 Aug 2010

Sorry...I should have written Sleep/Standby, not Hibernate. Even so, clicking the mouse key is no help. Neither is pressing any key (including Enter). Simply moving the mouse (which worked a treat with the wired job) is also useless.
If it helps, my Pc is a desktop one, and the operating system is XP Pro. The mouse model number is Y-SR34 Y (R41126?), its PID or S/N is MCT 33805921, and its Part Number is 867209-0120.
My old(ish) Logitech keyboard is an “end of life” Level 3 Deluxe Classic 200, now out of production, I believe.

  DieSse 22:13 29 Aug 2010

Is it a USB connection now and the old one a PS/2 connector?

If so then you could try changing the BIOS setting for USB - Legacy control (or something similar).

  AL47 10:23 30 Aug 2010

It's definitely possible even on a touch of the mouse

I think its in the BIOS settings too

  Taff™ 11:09 30 Aug 2010

From Device Manager right click the USB Ports and in Power Management or Advanced settings untick "Allow the computer to turn off ....."

  mgmcc 12:42 30 Aug 2010

"Hibernation", unlike Standby, shuts the PC down completely, although the contents of the RAM are stored on the hard drive. You need to press the Power button to return from Hibernation.

Normally, desktop PCs will come out of "Standby" by pressing any key or moving the mouse, but this isn't always the case. My Laptop and a "Net-top" PC both require the Power button to return from Standby too.

  firegamp 12:14 31 Aug 2010

Problem solved! So easy when you're given the clues. The words Power Management were the key, as follows: Clicked on Microsoft Mouse desktop icon, then Hardware > Properties > POWER MANAGEMENT > and finally click-ticked "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby". And my mouse with no tail now has teeth and claws. Wake up at the back there! Thanks to all. firegamp

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