Can a laptop replace a music system?

  madlizzy66 14:50 21 Aug 2005

Our stereo system has seen better days and we are looking at replacing it. I just had a thought and wondered if a laptop would do the job to play our Cds (we don't use vinyl or cassette at all). If so what spec would we need. A laptop would also solve our problem of finding space for a second PC downstairs. Any thoughts?
Oh lastly. Would it be possible to get a connector to plug our existing speakers into the laptop?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:54 21 Aug 2005

An external USB sound card such as the Audigy 2 will do a good job for you: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX review - IT Reviews
click here

Don't know about your existing speakers - depends on what they are like. You can get a decent set of speakers for PCs though.

  ade.h 16:29 21 Aug 2005

click here Accoustic Energy Aego 2 - 2/3rds of the way down the page. If you want PC speakers (ie. with a built-in amplifier) these make most high-end 2.1 systems sound inadequate. click here for more info.

The only configuration that may sound better, depending on the quality of your existing speaker seperates (assuming you have hi-fi seperates) is to connect your source to a hi-fi amp and use your current speakers.

If you don't need large speakers and/or don't have an amp or speakers, then the Aego 2 setup is the best value option.

  Fred the flour grader 19:09 21 Aug 2005

A guy at work does discos for weddings and stuff at clubs. He just takes his laptop plugs it into thier amplifiers and stuff and that's it.

I would imagine it would be no problem to do what you want.

  Completealias 19:27 21 Aug 2005

Until I got my pc speakers I had my desktop running through a seperates amp and speakers so you can do this no probs or get a set of pc speakers for the laptop.

I would second Diodorus Siculus advice to get a better soundcard you can get them in PC Card form as well this would give you the ability to have 5.1 sound at least or even 7.1.

You won't even have to run the music off the cd's if you don't want to you could copy the music to the hard drive as mp3s and create your own mobile jukebox.

  Tim1964 23:22 21 Aug 2005


Would running a 5.1 sound system from a music CD actually sound any differently from a stereo output? Would it be 'simulated' 5.1? I was under the impression that music CDs are recorded in stereo only.

  Completealias 03:07 22 Aug 2005

True I hadn't thought of this, should you want to use it for playback of movies thou....

You'll still get a better sound quality from a seperate dedicated sound card and you could get a set of 2.1 speakers which would have a nice sub. Now that would make a difference I have my desktop running through 2.1 speakers and the sub makes a big difference to the sound.

  josie mayhem 16:12 23 Aug 2005

I use the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX, it is a external usb version. So will have no problems connecting to a laptop. I use my on my desktop, and use 5.1 surround speakers.

I found this to be a excellent external card, with quite good features. When playing a normanl audio cd it does have the facility to reproduce and send this through the speaker as a surround effect and it good at it.

I would suggest what ever speakers you go for, 2.1, 5.1 ect, that you go for the best you can afford as with everything in life, the better the quaility the higher the cost.

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