can l use broadband connection for pc and laptop

  havent a clue 21:19 08 May 2005

before l upgraded to broadband, l could use my pc upstairs or the laptop downstairs to access the web,now can only use the one upstairs, the other l cant. is this right.

  Dipso 21:25 08 May 2005

It is still possible but not as straightforward. How do you connect, by USB modem?

You can either share the connection using a crossover cable between the 2 machines and ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or buy a router which will allow both to connect through it.

If it is not feasible to connec tthe 2 machines bya cable due to the location, you could consider going wireless.

  Dipso 21:28 08 May 2005

Or, you could swap the modem between the 2 machines (more hassle) or buy another modem for the second machine, however, you could only connect one machine to your broadband at a time this way.

  woodchip 21:31 08 May 2005

I am in bed at the moment on laptop, connected to a wireless Router Modem way in back of house about 75ft away 3 walls between me and router

  woodchip 21:36 08 May 2005

This one click here

  havent a clue 21:37 08 May 2005

you said about going wireless. I'm not very good with these things, can you explain please.

  Dipso 21:46 08 May 2005

You buy a wireless modem/router like this one of mine click here You connect your PC by a cable to the router and the router acts as your modem. The laptop will need a wireless card or USB adapter, something like this click here and the router transmits a wireless signal throughout your house which allows you to connect the laptop to your broadband connection without the need for cabling.

  Dipso 21:50 08 May 2005

The router woodchip recommended comes bundled with a wireless card that can be slotted into your laptop to give the same result as my suggestion.

  havent a clue 21:57 08 May 2005

thank you's very much. going shopping for that tomorrow.

  Dipso 22:01 08 May 2005

You don't hang about do you ;)

Be sure you get a modem/router combined rather than just a router (which are cheaper) or you may find you have problems.

  havent a clue 22:04 08 May 2005

ok thanks

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