Can it really be....

  spikeychris 14:56 23 Feb 2004

That members here are either not using AV (thats anti-virus to those that have never heard of it) or are using it but not updating it?

In all the years I have been on-line I have had possibly two viruses, now after sending 80 members my email address I am receiving on average 5 per DAY! Not a problem as such as AVG and Outlook 2K3 are taking care of them but I really cant believe that members of this forum are allowing themselves to be infected or being used as pawns.

Could be off-base on this but a coincidence would be just to much of a coincidence.

Again not a problem, I'm not jumping up and down but check your AV every now and then.


  daisy2bell 15:15 23 Feb 2004

Win98SE I have my norton AV set up so that it automaticaly updates. But I also click on update every 2-3 days.
I do the same with my Mcafee firewall which I have set to the highest level

  Paranoid Android 15:53 23 Feb 2004

Mad, innit ?


  alB 17:41 23 Feb 2004

Religiously check for updates and run my A/V every week, also do the same for Adaware & Spybot...alB

  flyboy 17:50 23 Feb 2004

Faithfully update all AV and AT. Also I don't use the address book. When I send emails I go to appropriate email folder, pick a received mail and use reply.
No address book - no rogue emails (as yet).

  georgemac 17:52 23 Feb 2004

all now also need firewall - many viruses getting into pc's from html web pages through open ports then doing the damage.

  Chegs ® 17:52 23 Feb 2004

I use AVG,its setup to check for updates EVERY morning at 7:00ish am then complete a thorough scan.I also have a firewall(software)but still got hit by a virus recently('SYSU.EXE')that completely wrecked my here

  flyboy 17:53 23 Feb 2004

Should read before sending, put ' sent ' after no rogue emails.


  Djohn 17:55 23 Feb 2004

Not sure on this Chris as I'm not very good at reading these printouts but can you have a quick look at this thread from daisy2bell. It looks to me as though "Blaster" is mentioned right at the end of the post. It does say RPC. click here

  spikeychris 17:46 26 Feb 2004

Sorry bout that John, didn't follow the progress of this thread, I'll refresh the other thread and see if the problem is still there.

As for my little problem, well I give up....most of the Vir are I-Worm/Netsky.B but there are others...UPDATE YOUR AV!

Email address changed :o(

  @jc 17:53 26 Feb 2004

Spikeychris did you realise you've upset so many people ? LOL
5 per day ?
you find this hard to believe ?
what does this tell you ?

The answer. Some people will never learn
Don't be suprised

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