can IP address be changed

  jakag 08:47 23 Sep 2006

I have been accused of doing something i have not done, They say they have tracked it to me by the IP address.
Could someone else have used my IP address, I do not have a wireless connection so dont expect anyone will connect that way.


  mad1234 09:15 23 Sep 2006

click here
this might help

  johnnyrocker 09:31 23 Sep 2006

very few isp's supply static ip addresses, most use dynamic, all you need to do is disconnect from the internet and make a new connection, if you are dos familiar you can run ip config/all this will show your ip addy then just run release/renew ip.


  jakag 20:01 24 Sep 2006

Thanks mad and jonnyrocker .... sorry for the delay in replying i was called away.
I will try out the suggestions on the web site you suggest mad ... when i get through the cookies they want setting:)
although i genrally switch off everything every night at the mains.


  DieSse 23:01 24 Sep 2006

*They say they have tracked it to me by the IP address.*

Technically that is possible. Every time you log on to the net you get an IP address - these days it's normally assigned at your log-on time by your ISP, and can easily be different at different log-ons.

Your ISP will also keep tabs on whi has which IP address assigned to them at what times - so in theory you can be traced.

However the circumstances in which your ISP should release that information (ie when you were logged on, with what IP and who your are) are only likely to be released under the most controlled circumstances, and by authorised law enforcemeny officers. The Data Protection Act makers that quite clear at the very least.

This means that for everyday circumstances it simply won't happen, unless for some reason you are a suspect in some particularly heinous crime.

Since all this logging of who's using what IP at what times is a recorded history - any subsequent changes in your IP address would not protect you anyway.

There are many people who might threaten you with some kind of disclosure for their own puposes, and some Spam about that issues fake threats - but no-one except as mentioned above could get any of your personal details without very good cause.

  jakag 09:08 25 Sep 2006

Thanks for the information diesse.

I usually switch off at the wall socket every night, I checked the site that mad1234 says and I find I still get the same ip address.

I am still working on me problem and will leave this thread open for a while in case anyone has any ideas


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