Can IDE cable cause Power Supply Unit failure

  Bucksboy 19:03 02 Apr 2003

Can a faulty IDE cable cause a Power Supply Unit to give out 3 cracks and erupt with smoke pouring from back of tower unit; even though PC is not in use and has been switched off at tower unit but not at mains. It is also protected by a surge protector.

  Rtus 19:20 02 Apr 2003

I wouldnt have thought the Ide cable had anything to do with it ,,However The Psu is still recieving Ac power ready for you to press that On button, As this is a toggle on/off switch it does not have to latch as the older At units had to So its not wise to leave a unit connected to the mains while not in use.what makes you question the ide cable?

  sil_ver 19:22 02 Apr 2003

Altho' not impossible I think it's highly unlikely that an IDE cable would blow up a PSU as the voltages are quite low. It seems more likely that the PSU has decided to commit suicide. If it had been the IDE cable I'm pretty sure the cable itself would show signs of burning. If you've added peripherals or more powerful graphics card since buying the PC consider buying a new PSU rated at at least 350W as you may have been overloading your old one.

  Rtus 19:23 02 Apr 2003

tut tut ..Should read "As this isnt a toggle" It merely requires brief contact to change the Psu State from off to on.

  Kudu 19:27 02 Apr 2003

I was using the computer 2 weeks ago & went downstairs for a coffee & about ten minutes later i came back & found the room fullof fumes.I coudn't shut the computer down & had to pull the mains plug out,took off the panel & found the PSU was red hot & smoking.Got a 550w PSU from Ebuyer to replace it but i still think about what would have happened if that had taken place during the night.

I now switch it off even if i'm only out for half an hour as i don't trust them anymore as no fuse blew and i have a bad habit of leaving papers beside the computer & sometimes on top.I also have a surge protector but it would have made no difference as it does not protect a faulty PSU.

  Rtus 21:48 02 Apr 2003

No matter what the fault if under warranty .If you havent Changed any of the original machine They still have to cover the repair.....I stand by what Ive posted originally Its unlikely the Ide cable gave rise to the problem ,The power supply should have shut down if a fault had been present..thats what they are designed to do..And again if the machine wasnt being used but mains was On at the time of failure its something more drastic than an Ide cable as that should not have any supplies at that time.there are various filters directly across the mains which are more likely the culprit here.. But do heed the warning To remove Mains supply when Not in use...

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