can I write2 dvd+r dual layer if I can do the RWs

  theDarkness 05:49 19 Aug 2005

Im using an Artec drive model VPF 16D40W, I dont think I can burn using normal DVD+ double layer discs on this drive, as it only mentions being able to burn DVD-R double layer discs. Most drives seem to either support either + or - DL, one or the other at the moment rather than both.

But.. my drive does say that it can write to the double layer DVD+ rewritables. Surely that means it should be able to do both?

Seems rather odd. I guess theres only one way to find out if it doesnt mention it on the box or if I dont get a reply back from Artec, but I dont want to waste money and find out I have just bought discs that are useless in my drive.

heres the box:
click here
click here
click here

thanks for any help if anyone can :D

  theDarkness 14:07 19 Aug 2005

ps- Ive heard that dvd-r double layer discs do not write to their full capacity? If its definately not possible for me to use dvd+r dl discs then if anyone knows where to get cheap dvd-r dl discs I would be grateful if anyone could tell me - the cheapest discs I can find for -R dl are £5 (each), and a pack of 10 +R dl for around £20, from

  theDarkness 00:52 20 Aug 2005

Are u sure I cant write to dvd minus double layer?
In my first pic above it says "2.4x double layer dvd-r", thats definately a minus disc. It doesnt seem to mention dvd+r double layer at all

cheers for the reply anyway :D

  Strawballs 01:11 20 Aug 2005

click here £30 gets you a Sony Duel layer DVD writer that does both +R & -R

  Completealias 02:35 20 Aug 2005

By the look of things as well the -R DL format has only been finialised recently.

  theDarkness 05:00 20 Aug 2005

thanks checked infotool - seems it can write to dvd+r double layer discs after all. I think what got me was the box using "dvd-r" meaning just dvd recordables, rather than dvd minus discs.

The "RW" logo above the "dvd+r dl" text on the dvd tray seems odd also. Ive found out that the "RW" logo is on some double layer dvd+ discs, even though they arent rewritables, not sure why though.

  theDarkness 15:11 20 Aug 2005

ah ok cheers for that :D

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