Can I view Web pages and linkd offline?

  AnthonyB 05:07 25 Feb 2004


I like to read alot of webpages during the day, but don't want to be connected to the internet all the while. Is it possible to view a web page offline, because what i did, was (pc adviser just for the info)was "right click on the favourite (PC adviser)check "make avalable offline. I then went through a procedure of "syncronising it. It took about 35 minutes. I logged off (IE: i wasn't connected to the internet), so I the clicked on PC adviser, hoping to view all pages links etc. The "page cannot be displayed" came up. Can anyone help me on this, and why have many megs copied to HD - but am unable to view offline?



  anon1 10:55 25 Feb 2004

Basically if you never opened the links before you added to the favourites then they will not open (how can they) simply open all the links and then save. That way you will be able to view in detail later offline. Hope that helps

  AnthonyB 13:37 25 Feb 2004

Well I am assuming you can read "offline" if you save/syncronise the page thus: (Windows help)>>>>>

/////Making pages available for offline viewing
When you make a Web page available offline, you can read its content when your computer is not connected to the Internet. For example, you can view Web pages on your laptop computer when you don't have a network or Internet connection. Or you can read Web pages at home without tying up a phone line.

You can specify how much content you want available, such as just a page, or a page and all its links, and choose how you want to update that content on your computer.

If you just want to view a Web page offline, and you don't need to update the content, you can save the page on your computer. There are several ways you can save the Web page, from just saving the text to saving all of the images and text needed to display that page as it appears on the Web./////

I syncronised it the web page, and also set to "Work Offline" in the File menu. I will be getting a laptop soon, so this would be vary handy indeed.



  AnthonyB 14:14 25 Feb 2004

I hope you get the picture by the way. When I'm syncronising (say bbc news page), it will go through all the lot: click here click here click here click here, and so forth, so when I log-off, i will, or SHOULD be able to view all the web pages and links that it saved to my Hard drive (about 7-10 megs I'd say)


  AnthonyB 14:17 25 Feb 2004

Sorry about the "Click here" links - weren't meant to be. They were supposed to be named links like www,bbc/nature www,bbc/learning www,bbc/politics www,bbc/religion www,bbc/entertainment (and so forth:)


  scotty 15:21 25 Feb 2004

You could try a program called httrack

click here

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