Can I View MovieMaker files on TV ?

  stangb 12:13 12 Jun 2009

I have some MS Moviemaker (MSWMM)files, that I want to put on DVD to send to elderly person with only TV and DVD player. Is this possible?. I have Windows XP.
Thank you,

  Technotiger 12:37 12 Jun 2009

Though I have not done it personally, Yes - it should be possible, because as far as I can see that is exactly what Moviemaker is all about.

  Technotiger 12:43 12 Jun 2009

This screen-shot is from Windows Movie Maker, Help section ...

click here

Click on picture to enlarge ...

  UK Sub 12:44 12 Jun 2009

How to save your movie to a DVD

click here

  Zeppelyn 13:54 12 Jun 2009

Yes, as already stated but you need to know what kind of DVD media the other persons DVD player will accept, not all are universal and some only play DVD-R whilst others only accept DVD+R. Find out the model no. and then check the makers site for the manual.

  anchor 16:35 12 Jun 2009

DVD Flick

This is what I use and found it works fine; free too. I use a DVD-R and never had a problem.

click here

WMM files won`t play in a DVD player; they need to be converted.

  eedcam 18:38 12 Jun 2009

Asd said just use dvd flick no conversion needed
and there shoulkd be no problem with formats

  Kevscar1 18:56 12 Jun 2009

My Vista comes with Windows DVD maker which works perfecty fine. You can put in scenes set menu background and music. it will make the DVD so you can play all or choose the scene.

  anchor 13:52 13 Jun 2009

Kevscar: stangb has Win XP, (as do I).

Windows DVD Maker is not included in this version of Windows; hence my suggestion of DVD Flic. However, it seems there is something wrong with their site; the download icon does not link to the programme.

A Google search will find an alternative site.

  eedcam 16:24 13 Jun 2009

Anchor they have only changed ther site a bit if you click download in the top bar then download agin on the next page tehn on the third page Its the green arrow under The Source forge header at the top .I think they are try ing to comperte with Super C's complicated download

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