Can I use this Xp disc ?

  JohnnyBoy 17:59 24 May 2005

My sister's just bought a new PC , and skipped the old one, which she bought a retail copy of XP for, and installed, registered etc. Her new PC has XP preinstalled. Can I use the disc she's given me, along with the product key and install it on my machine ? It says on the back of the folder "dont lose this product key ! you must use it every time you install this software", however inside the booklet it says by activating Xp (Which she's done previously) it allows the copy of Win Xp to be used on only one computer.

Will this work for me ?


  gudgulf 18:11 24 May 2005

You should be ok......a retail copy can be installed only on one machine at a time but is transferable between pcs.Since the machine it was installed on originally is now scrapped, that retail version of Windows can be used on another pc.

  DieSse 18:13 24 May 2005

Yes - a retail copy can be uninstalled from one system and installed on another. If there is any problme when activating, you will smply have to expalin to MS what you are doing - it won't be a problem.

If the XP is pre any of the Service packs, then get them first and copy onto a CD (s) - then install them right after setting up XP, before you install anything else.

  JohnnyBoy 18:14 24 May 2005

How do they know the old machine isnt using it anymore ?

  JohnnyBoy 18:16 24 May 2005

Its already got SP2 on the disc..

  DieSse 18:17 24 May 2005

It doesn't matter - at the worst they would try and deactivate the old system when it went on-line again (which it won't if it's binned). What you are doing is fully legit and allowed by the retail XP licence.

It may just activate normally without any hassle - you only need to explain to them if it insists you call them by phone to activate.

  JohnnyBoy 18:21 24 May 2005

Ok, thanks for the quick response there guys. One other quickie.. Clean install, or Upgrade from Me ? ....

  trevpearson 18:23 24 May 2005

Clean install. Best by far.

  DieSse 18:24 24 May 2005

Clean install is by far the best.

  mattyc_92 19:33 24 May 2005

As trevpearson & DieSse has said, clean install is far better....

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