Can I use win XP pro upgrade disk twice?

  Baslla321 07:27 24 Oct 2004

I used my windows XP pro to upgrade from XP Home. Now, I decided to cause some trouble to myself by trying to upgrade my Windows 98 . Can I still use this upgrade disk? I believe that a long time ago, I read that you can only use the disk once but I am not sure.

  Derek 07:58 24 Oct 2004

Yes I've done it on my second older PC. I had to register it over the net and it was accepted automatically but,my second PC has an identical set up. That is to say, the same motherboard, same software, same memory but slightly less.
You should be aware that the pricipal of registration is to stop pirating and as far as I am aware, my set up does pass muster. Apart from that I certainly would NOT entertain passing the PC on to another person with the operating system loaded.
If you are in a position to do a bit of pirating then don't do it.

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