Can I use Skype without installing it?

  Dalglish2 20:39 06 Mar 2006

I use Skype on my home PC but would like to use it on my work laptop when travelling.
However, I am forbidden from installing any software onto the work laptop - is there any way to get round this and to use my USB phone with Skype on my work laptop without installing?
Many thanks guys


  >steve< 21:07 06 Mar 2006

sorry mate its not possible youve got to install it or you could try googles offering.

  remind 22:08 06 Mar 2006

if you have a usb flash drive you can create a `program files` folder on that and install it there, but skype info would still be added to your laptop registry file. when you `return` the laptop, delete the skype entries from the registry or plug your flash drive in and use the uninstall icon (preferably both)

  SG Atlantis® 22:15 06 Mar 2006

No, but if you install it on the laptop could you not uninstall it before returning it to work?

Delete any remaining files after the uninstall and you should be fine.

It's upto to you.

  Belatucadrus 22:56 06 Mar 2006

Have you considered approaching the IT department and asking them to install it for you ? Save you braking any terms of use policy the company has and would prevent them bending your ear at a later date.

  Stuartli 01:26 07 Mar 2006

Bit like asking if you can drive a car without actually being in it...:-)

I would have thought that the cost savings alone would be sufficient to persuade your IT department to agree to you using Skype.

  Danoh 01:56 07 Mar 2006

As DieSse quite rightly pointed out to me in another thread, Skype’s software peer-to-peer architecture will breach the integrity of corporate networks. Some other articles discusses these.

click here

click here

However, I have since unearthed that Skype’s tactical partnerships with OEMs, as show cased in Las Vegas, CES 2006 (January), has generated new products which do not require Skype software to be installed on PCs for their operations.

1. Creative revealed its Skype Internet PhonePLUS which is one of the increasing number of standalone phones that negate the need for a computer to take advantage of Skype’s cheap telephony. It connects via an Ethernet cable straight into your broadband router and has a full colour 2.5” display.

2. IPEVO has come up with a couple of Skype goodies; first is the FLY.1, a cordless USB handset that means you don’t need to be wired into your PC to call. There is also the larger Xing USB speaker phone that is aimed at board meetings and conference calls.

3. Netgear has also produced a rather smart Skype phone that has been obviously influenced by mobile phone design and is pictured above. This device doesn’t need wires or a computer; instead it uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. In theory it could someday take over from your mobile as wireless internet coverage grows.

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