Can I use a CD RW like a floppy?

  Splitty 16:48 04 Apr 2003

Help! I want to use my CDRW like a bigger floppy disc, just drag & drop type stuff, but can't work it out!

Probably a really dumb question!!! Sorry!!!!!!!

First of all you will have to use / install some sort of mounting software that came with the drive perhaps. For example, with Nero it comes bundled with a program called "InCD". This will run in the background and will recognise when a CDRW is inserted. You must then format the entire disk (once only) and then yes, its exactly the same as a floppy disk and drag and drop features are all available etc.

Word of warning - To access the data on this particular disk that you have written this way on another computer it too must be running InCD or the data will not be accesible. You can run a small program plug in on the host machine if you have admin rights etc.

I learnt the hard way after copying 300Mb of data to a CDRW taking it some fifty miles only to find I had no way of getting at it!

  pj123 17:03 04 Apr 2003

Yes, but to use a CD/RW as a floppy disk it must be formatted first.

If you are using Nero Burn you will have InCD.

When you insert a blank CD/RW disk you should get a window offering to format the disk. Follow it through and you will end up with a BIG Floppy.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to format.

  hssutton 17:21 04 Apr 2003

With such as ECDC & DVD 6 + newer drives formatting is done automatically when you drag 'n drop a file

  Taran 17:26 04 Apr 2003

If you are using Windows XP it has this feature built into the operating system. Just select a file or a whole bunch of files, right click on one of them while they are all highlighted and choose the CDRW option from your Send To menu.

You can eliminate the problem of other computers not being able to acces the files stored on a disk created with packet writing software (this is what it is called when you use it as a giant floppy disk) by downloading a small UDF viewer program. If you install the UDF viewer/reader onto a computer it can access the packet written CD in full, reading all of its contents.

Both Nero and Adpatec/Roxio produce free UDF viewers/readers which are available at their websites click here and click here

As mentioned above, Nero comes with InCD while Roxio ships with Direct CD.

  €dstow 18:17 04 Apr 2003

Don't rely on it for anything important.


  Simsy 18:22 04 Apr 2003

not obvious from the above posts, is that the packet writing software, (eg InCD or DirectCD), has to be installed AS WELL as the main burning programme that it comes with.

What I mean is... if you've got Nero on a CD and install it, you wont have InCD by default. You have to install InCD seperately. They are 2 seperate programmes.

Ditto Roxio/Adaptec and Direct CD.

I'm not sure what the situation is with the WinXP facility for doing this, but with either InCD or DirectCD you have to format the blank CD first.

I believeI'm correct in saying that DirectCD can format a CDR, but InCD will only work with CDRW.

I hope this helps.



  Pesala 18:30 04 Apr 2003

If you use Roxio Direct CD to format a CD then try to read it on another PC that doesn't have the software installed, you will be asked if you wish to install the software. However, if you don't have administrator rights on that PC there could be problems. I expect that InCD does something similar.

Don't rely on computers at all for anything really important. click here

  jorf 18:45 04 Apr 2003

I bought a new cd rewriter and cannot get any packet writing software to work on my ME machine. It came with Nero and InCD but I cannot format or write to cdrws I get error after error Even Nero support have not solved the problem. The drive is
AOpen 4850.

  pj123 20:52 04 Apr 2003

Yes, I had the same problem as you, but only with cheap unbranded disks. I bought some branded disks and they have all formatted successfully.

You don't need to format CD/RWs but if you don't you cannot use drag and drop in windows explorer or powerdesk. You have to use the burning software (NERO OR ROXIO) to add or remove files.

Technically this is not the same as "drag and drop" but it does the same job, (albeit slowly).

  hssutton 21:42 04 Apr 2003


What you say is quite correct to a point. On roxio's newer ECDC 6, Direct CD ceases to exist as such. It is now called Drag to Disk and is installed by default. You can of cause still use "Send To" as in Direct CD.

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