Can I use audio from graphics card?

  davidwilliams85 14:03 22 Oct 2008

Hi there,

I have recently installed an Sapphire Ati 4670 graphics card as my old Nvidia 7900 Gtx had died.

Just before the graphics card killed itself I could no longer get any sound output from my onboard sound. I tested the onboard sound with other speakers and still no sound, I also tested my speakers with other sources and they produce sound.

My question is as I have read my new graphics card has support for '8 channel sound through hdmi', link below for one of the reviews where I spotted this:
click here

Now I have installed the card I cant however figure out if this is possible. The card came with a variety of cables but none seem to have a connector for the typical green lead that I used to connect speakers to the onboard audio.

If I have misunderstood the graphics cards capabilities then is the only alternative to buy a new sound card?

Any help very much appreciated!


  davidwilliams85 14:29 22 Oct 2008

Thanks for the response Beta, can you explain what exactly i'll need to do that?
I have a hdmi to vga converter if that makes any difference?

  ambra4 14:34 22 Oct 2008

“I have read my new graphics card has support for '8 channel sound through hdmi”

The 2 HDMI connector on the display card will transfer video and audio to a HD TV with HDMI inputs

To connect your speakers to the HMDI ports you will have to use a HDMI to audio converter

  davidwilliams85 14:38 22 Oct 2008

No I dont have one of those. They also look quite a bit more expensive than a new sound card!

will an hdmi to audio converter work with the green lead from my speakers? where would I be able to get one of these converters?


  davidwilliams85 14:53 22 Oct 2008

ok, any advice for getting the on board sound working? the motherboard is an asus p5n 32 sli se deluxe if that makes any difference....

  davidwilliams85 15:03 22 Oct 2008

Windows XP

In case its of any use the bios is ami bios version 0306 and build date is 08/23/06


  davidwilliams85 16:14 22 Oct 2008

List as follow...

ATI function driver for high definition audio - ati aa01
audio codecs
legacy audio drivers
legacy video capture devices
media control devices
mpu-4-1 compatible MIDI device
realtek AC'97 Audio
Standard game port
Video Codecs


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