Can I use another computers recovery disks on mine

  Stojio 11:12 17 Jan 2007

Hey folks, any help would me much appreciated as i'm a little (very) naive when it comes to this stuff, but here's the scoop:

I replaced my 40GB hard drive on my packard bell 'easynote f' laptop with a 120GB one (My old hard drive is in a disgraceful state, completely unfixable IMO and filled to the brim with infections, missing files, etc.)

I cannot find the master/recovery disks that came with my laptop

A friend has a packard bell desktop PC, and the master/recovery disks that came with that.

Would it be possible for me to use those disks on my laptop?

Thanks for your time people.

  Taff™ 11:18 17 Jan 2007

Almost certainly no. The recovery CD`s will be looking for a hidden partition on your old hard disk drive. I presume you weren`t able to save any data from your old drive?

  Stojio 11:23 17 Jan 2007

Well, to be totally honest I didn't try because of the state of the drive, but it may be possible. How would I go about doing it though?

  Batch 11:25 17 Jan 2007

Even if a hidden partition isn't used, the recovery disk is likely to be tailored (e.g. drivers etc.) for the specific hardware / supplier that is was supplied with.

Having said that, if a system is already duff, there may be little to lose out of trying it, although you may be breaking the licence terms.

I wonder also whether there might be activation issues as well?

  Ho-Lin-Sok 11:25 17 Jan 2007

You will probably have different hardware drivers that will not be suitable for your laptop on the other disk. Can you contact your supplier to see if a replacement disc is available.

  Taff™ 11:26 17 Jan 2007

There is a support site click here Select your laptop from the drop down lists and follow the links to "Recovery" - there is a way to restore your original hard disk drive without recovery CD`s on some "f" models but I don`t know exactly which model you have.

You would need to back up all your original data and restore the original HDD. Then you could clone the old drive to the new 120 Gb drive.

  Stojio 12:08 17 Jan 2007

Thanks for that.

"You would need to back up all your original data and restore the original HDD. Then you could clone the old drive to the new 120 Gb drive."

Can I do that by myself do you reckon? I'm not *totally* computer illiterate, so I'd give it a bash if I knew how!

  Stojio 12:31 17 Jan 2007

aha, just found out I can download the disk for free from the techguys site, thanks very much for that link Taff, i think that should see everything sorted. much appreciated!

  Taff™ 14:36 17 Jan 2007

Brilliant - didn`t realise they did that - it must be a big download though! Remember you need to put your old disk back into the computer and run the restore disks from there.

The theory of the next stage is to obtain an external USB drive caddy like click here Put your new drive into this. Then obtain a simple program that will transfer the drive contents from one to the other. (You then wipe the original disk and use it as a back up device)

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