Can I Use 4 Gig Ram in my new System?(WinXP)

  KorgY 02:36 02 Apr 2008


I recvently purchasewd an "Ultima" from Overeclockers click here= to see the system.

It has "Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 PC2-8500 Dual Channel Kit". So, if I buy two more sticks of this ram Here: click here - will it detect more than the "3 Gig of ram" that I'M hearing about, or will i be able to use/see all 4 Gigs?

The Motherboard is a High-End - Asus Striker 2 Formula nForce 780 SLi (Socket LGA775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard.



  Mark5001 07:35 02 Apr 2008

I think that only 64 bit versions of Windows can utilise the extra ram above 3 Gig. I do stand to be corrected though.

  LABMAN 07:37 02 Apr 2008

Hi KorgY,

the limitiation on seeing more than 3 or 3.5GB ram are down to the operating system.

If you use a 64bit version of XP or Vista you can stick in as much as you want, if you have the 32bit versions that's when your limitation applies, having said that you should still see an approvement with the extra 2GB ram installed so I'd go for it,I have 4GB in my system and notice the difference and memory just now is a real bargain.

  Technotiger 07:45 02 Apr 2008

Hi, it is not in fact down to 32/64Bit, but it is due to the fact that Windows XP has a 4GB address space, which must be used to address physical RAM, as well as other things.

Physical address space is used to address more than just RAM. It is also used to address all of the memory and some of the registers presented by devices. Consequently, if a machine is configured with the maximum amount of physical memory, some of that memory will be unusable because some of the physical address space is mapped for other uses.

So you would only 'see' 3Gb, even though you have 4Gb physically present.

  Technotiger 07:48 02 Apr 2008

But as LABMAN says, you would still see a benefit of having 4Gb.

  sunny staines 10:15 02 Apr 2008

i read that vista sp1 allows the pc to see the full 4g of ram.

check the max ram for your m/b, just found out my less than 2 year old foxconn can only support max 2g of ram.

  KorgY 12:02 02 Apr 2008

Thsnks for replies. What about only adding "1 Gig" of Ram then, thats 3 Gigs, but that's an odd number?, would there be issues?. in the manual it says:

"if you install four 1 Gig memory modules, the system may only recogniseless than 3GB because the space is reserved for other critical functions.this limitation appears on Windows XP/Vista 32-bit operating system which dos not support pyhsical adress extensionn (PAE)

if you install windows XP/Vista 32 Bit, a total memory of less than 3GB is recommended..""

On the contrary, 64 bit versions of Vista/XP support 8GB.

I'm on Windows XP32 (at least i think I am:) only had syystem a week.

Yes Labman, i think 3GB would be a good increase, but just wondering why i have to add 2GB and not one!



  Totally-braindead 12:11 02 Apr 2008

It depends on whether your motherboard supports dual channel memory. If it does and that is why you have 2 x 1 gig modules then installing a single 1 gig chip might cause problems in that the dual channel would no longer work.

Look at either the Crucial website and check your motherboard or go to the motherboard manufacturers website or look at your manual.

If your motherboard doesn't use dual channel then just add another 1 gig of memory. If it does use dual channel then personally I would add another 2 x 512mb.

I think I should point out that going from 2 gig to anything above that will boost the speed but to a very small degree and in most things you will not notice much difference. It will be faster but we are talking about a small difference here.

  LABMAN 23:15 02 Apr 2008

Hi KorgY,

One of the reasons that I'd stick in the extra 2GB as opposed to 1GB is simply that memory is so cheap these days, for the price quoted for your memory you should still see an improvement.

There is also as others have pointed out the added advantage of dual channel memory configurtion but to be honest at £43 for the extra 2GB of memory it's a cheap way to see an improvement in your system and I honestly think it would be money well spent.

  mrwoowoo 00:25 03 Apr 2008

It is dependant(motherboard allowing) on which operating system you us.
Windows XP x64 can go to to 128 GB of physical memory and 16 TiB of virtual memory.
Windows xp 32 bit,is indeed limited to 4gb of address space.

  katkins 02:39 03 Apr 2008

There is a limit to how much you can upgrade the ram speed on the majority of computers. It's advisable to get the exact module specifications and the correct number as well.

I have also found that not all bona fida memory module retail outlets recommend the same number of modules. For example, Offtek recommended that I only add an extra 256mb module to my existing 256mb on my 5 year old 2 channel PC so I ordered one. Crucial and another with elephant in the name, (I've forgotten the exact name of the outlet), told me that I was OK with 1gb so I went ahead and bought 2 further modules x 512mb from elsewhere a few months later.

Within about a week, I noticed my HDD temperature alert was constantly sounding off with a message that I was exceeding the danger limit. I eventually heeded the warnings and downgraded back to the 2 x 256mb = 512mb.

This seems to have so far sorted the problem. Come to think of it, when I originally upgraded from 256mb to just 512mb last December, I never got these alerts.

It seems Offtek had good reason for not recommending the full 1gb.

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