Can I use 2 sound cards for 3d sound?

  Murray 20:15 05 May 2003

I have a built in sound card on my motherboard and also another sound card (slightly better quality, supposedly but can't tell the difference).

At the moment I use the PCI card and disable the onboard one in the BIOS - is there any way I can use both and effectively have 4 channels, so I can have surround sound effects in DVD's etc.

I know the easiest option may be to get a new 4 or even 6 channel card, but that involves spending money (can you spot the scottish blood yet?)

Any thoughts, experiences much appreciated.


  hugh-265156 20:26 05 May 2003

it will not work well if at all.if you have a look in controlpanel/soundsandaudiodevices click on playback/volume/options and most soundcards give a 3d volume that gives simulated 3d sound from 2xspeakers.

  hugh-265156 20:28 05 May 2003

use a mini disc lead 2xphonos to 3mm jack from the line out on the computer to a hi fi or pro logic amp gives good results.

  Murray 20:36 05 May 2003


the onboard card can pretend to give 3d sound from 2 channels, but with little effect. what i was asking is basically to connect the 2 sound cards to 2 amplifiers (which happen t be within reach) then to 4 speakers - giving 4pt surround.

  Colinp 20:42 05 May 2003

All you will get (assuming you CAN get both s/cards to run at the same time) will be 2 x stereo channels, which is a lot different from 5.1 sound or 6.1 sound where every channel is different

  Murray 20:57 05 May 2003

i see your point, but i guess I would need some sort of special driver/software to decode a DVD's 5.1 sound into front left/right and send it to one card, and back left/right andsend it to the other card.

  hugh-265156 20:59 05 May 2003

if the amplifier can support four speakers use this method.but only feed from one sound card as timing will be all over the place otherwise and will sound awful.dolby decoders are cheap try maplins and add this to your stereo amp.

  tomhealy 21:27 05 May 2003

You could just pay £29.99 for a Hercules Fortissimo (sp?) 7.1 from PC World component centre.

  Murray 22:56 05 May 2003

I've seen a soundblaster 4.1 for £12.50 ( I trust that would do what i want it to. Or do I need a separate dolby/digital decoder hardware/software to separate a DVD channels to the separate channels?

  PSF 23:14 05 May 2003

Have a look at click here it is 5.1 for less than £10 + p&p...

  hugh-265156 23:33 05 May 2003

well you can go mad and spend anything up to and above 25-30 grand on a really good home cinema amp but in the real world good results can come cheap too.some great home cinema amps speakers etc click here for stupid money.also do second hand even cheaper.onkyo amps are great for the money and would recommend for first buy.get a sound card with an optical out and plug into the amp then you need 2x front 2xrear 1xcentre 1xsubwoofer speakers also very reasonable at above 25 quid upwards.this kind of buget system will have enough inputs to allow you to connect up your pc/video/dvd/tv/cdplayer etc.and can be upgraded with better cables connections speakers at a later date.or from the likes of maplins/dixons/argos etc videologic ready to go systems are ok but not in the same league at all as above and to be honest will save you maybe 30 here

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