can I use 2 different computers to access dial up

  dijo 15:23 03 Mar 2008

HI there, I have a very old comp which runs on win98 and now a slightly newer comp which I have just bought it runs on win xp home, it was bought by the previous owner in 2004, I have dial up connection with BT. I was wondering firstly can I use the new computer to access the internet, or will the computer not be recoginsed by bt? I actually want to be able to use either to access the internet, so dont actually want to alter any settings or whatever if possible.

and can I connect the two computers so that I can transfer files to the new comp. They are both in the same room and, with a cable i can reach teh telephone point with either.

  brundle 16:23 03 Mar 2008

If the settings (phone number, user name and password) are the same on each machine you will be able to access the net via BT no problem.

Transferring files with a dial-up modem is probably the slowest way there is. Hook the machines up with a crossover cable or transfer files with a USB flash drive.
Transfer files and settings; click here

More detail here; click here

  dijo 18:25 03 Mar 2008

Thanks so much for your help
a perfect answer

  wiz-king 18:18 04 Mar 2008

If you use both for getting e-mails dont forget to set one of the computers to leave e-mails on the ISPs server or you will find the e-mail you want is on the 'wrong' machine.

  dijo 18:29 05 Mar 2008

I would like to use both for getting e-mails
wiz-king can you explain what you mean

  DieSse 21:46 07 Mar 2008

You have some choices.

Connect the two machines via ethernet/lan, using a crossover cable - as brundle says. This will enable you to transfer files back and forth.

Connect both machines to the dial up - but only use one at a time (it's not possible to use both at once). You can use each one for webmail (eg hotmail). If you want to use Outlook Express you must understand that if you download emails with one machine, the same emails can't be seen by the other machine. But if you have two email accounts - one for each system, then each can get it's own emails.

What wiz-king means is that using Outlook Express - if you download emails into one system, they will normally be deleted from your account at the ISP (so no longer accessible by the second system) - unless you set that system to not delete them (which is not the standard setting).

Or - with the two systems connected together by ethernet/lan - you can use one machine (call it the master) to access the internet for both systems with the one connection. To do this you need to use Internet Connection Sharing. This site shows you how to do this

click here

  dijo 13:25 09 Mar 2008

thanks so much for all the explanations!

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