Can I us my old email address on the new ISP?

  ray27 15:17 15 Feb 2007

I am changing over from NTL broadband to Sky broadband and what I would like advice on is can I still use my NTL email address when I use the the Sky brodband or will I have to change to a sky email address
If I do have to change is there way of sending the new address to all of your old contacts in one go
cheers thanks for any advice

  oldbeefer2 15:22 15 Feb 2007

No, you will have to change address. A way round it for the future is to go for, say, google mail which is independant of ISP. I think you can e-mail the world in one go, but not sure how to do it on OE.

  recap 15:50 15 Feb 2007

Using Outlook Express, add all your contact to a New Group. To do this, open your contacts folder and select New/Group select all that you require to send an email to. When creating the new email, click on the 'To:' option and select the 'Group' from the list.

  Aargh 15:57 15 Feb 2007

Yes you can...

It does depend if your new ISP will allow it, and most do.

For Outlook and OE, all you need to do is change your SMTP(outgoing mail) server to that of your new ISP. Leave your POP (incoming) server, and user name & password settings as for your old mail account.

I quite happily use a pipex account to check mail on a freeserve mailbox.

  Michael_R 16:34 15 Feb 2007

Although you can do this with some ISP's I think that you will not be able to do this with NTL. As you will have to cancel NTL broadband they will probably cancel all your mail and web space when you close the account.

  Gongoozler 17:45 15 Feb 2007

What you probably can do if you want to retain your email address is to send your emails via Sky Broadband but in Outlook Express via Tools - Accounts - Mail - "your new account properties", in the box for User Information put your old email address. Then in the properties for your OLD account, tick the box for "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronising".

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:49 15 Feb 2007

tiscali emails and account 6 months after switching to BT. Mind you that's probably just another error on their part. But a nice one all the same.

  GaT7 18:01 15 Feb 2007

Arthur Scrimshaw, I don't think that's an error - it's part of their policy.

When I joined Tiscali 4 years ago, their email was free (max 5 addresses) whether I stayed with them or left. It's been around 3 years since I've used them & continue to use their email addresses. The same with Plusnet & UKOnline.

However, other companies like AOL, BT, Wanadoo/Freeserve, etc, suspended my email addresses when I left them. G

  ray27 18:31 15 Feb 2007

Thank you all for the for the usual good advice
Cheers Ray

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