Can I upgrade Win 98 to XP: step by step please

  Purring Tigress 03:25 03 Dec 2004

I am running windows 98 but have so many problems Ive decided to install XP. But I gather i need to format the hard drive as XP wont upgrade from 98? As a beginner (who cant afford to get someone in) please could someone give me step by step instructions on how to do this successfully. Also I gather I need a floppy boot disc, but how do I get one when XP is no CD? HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  NickyK 03:59 03 Dec 2004

If you want to upgrade, you will most likely require the XP discs (plus SP2 later). Microsoft doesn't supply the formers as freeware.

Just make sure your system is capable of being upgraded to what you require. If you are upgrading from 98, you might find your memory gets curtailed. Depends on your system.

My peers on this site will advise you better. Like you, I am a novice, too.

Whatever upgrade decsions you make, I suggest the usual: back-up everything you have/want/need/etc before you try and upgrade. This is simply in order to avoid disappointment later.

Good luck, and please tell this foirum how you get on.

  NickyK 04:07 03 Dec 2004

Oh, one last thing: Can I upgrade from 98 tro XP?


DoI have to pay?

Mosy definitely.

  Purring Tigress 04:11 03 Dec 2004

I have got the XP disc but it wont do a straightforward upgrade grr! So I need to know how to format the hard drive as Ive heard that the CD rom isnt recognised after formatting?! I have started backing up everything I think might be useful - standard hoarder behaviour!

Any more ideas will be most gratefully received. Thankyou so much

  NickyK 04:12 03 Dec 2004

PS. You can always try and dowload what you require.

  NickyK 04:13 03 Dec 2004

Exactly what system are you using?

  NickyK 04:13 03 Dec 2004

Exactly what system are you using?

  NickyK 04:17 03 Dec 2004

Your problem is the hard drive, not the installation discs?

  NickyK 04:23 03 Dec 2004

I suggest you repost this tomorrow (or NOW), and I am sorry not to have been more help.

There are several methodologies that I could give yoiu for this problem, but I prefer to refer to my peers on this site.


  Purring Tigress 04:38 03 Dec 2004

Ive had so many problems with the hard drive that I need to format anyway but thought I could upgrade from win 98 (not second edition) to win XP.

Thanx so much for your help maybe Ill get other ideas from some other peers (who sleep at normal times!!!!)

Yes it is the hard drive but I know I need 2 use floppy boot disc to get the pc to recognise the cd rom drive. But how when all I have is the installation CD?

Thankyou again I hope Ive answered the right question and not just my interpretation.

  Dave123 08:37 03 Dec 2004

When I upgraded from 98 to XP, I reformatted my HD using a win98 start up disk (floppy)and then used the xp CD. All seemed to work ok. There are probably other (better) ways.

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