Can I upgrade PC much more? Limit on my RAM?

  hrhkingcol 16:45 08 Apr 2009


First time posting, so be gentle...

I bought an Acer Aspire T135 a couple of years back and have put a bit more ram in it and a better graphics card since, but I'm now using an external drive a lot as my internal drive (a paltry 80gb) is chock a block. I bought a new internal 2nd drive at abou 40quid for 320gb but it won't mount so I'm planning on returning it.

It's got me thinking though; can I actually upgrade it much more and is it going to be worth it?

I ask because I only have 2 ram slots. One has a 1gb card in, the other has a 512mb in. When I look for a single stick of say 2 or 3 gb ram of the type of ram I have, I can only seem to find it max of 1gb per stick. So I have a couple of queries...

- My ram type is DDR 400MHz/PC3200. Is the biggest I can get this 1gb? Is that a restriction?

- The PC is: Acer Aspire T135 AMD Sempron 64bit 3100+. It now has a 128mb graphics card but it's still not running how I'd like it. Will I be able to improve this a lot more or should I do what I want to do and just get a decent-spec laptop?

Any thoughts much appreciated...


  birdface 16:48 08 Apr 2009

click here Just run the scan.

  hrhkingcol 16:51 08 Apr 2009

Thanks for that buteman I'll run that this evening when I get home.

Will the scan tell me if I'm not able to upgrade further? ie how impartial is it?


  birdface 17:02 08 Apr 2009

It will tell you how much memory you can use or upgrade to.They will also supply and deliver what you need.They have a very good reputation.
What you need to think about is how much you will have to spend to upgrade and would it be better just to put it towards a new computer.

  MAJ 18:17 08 Apr 2009

The maximum you can upgrade your RAM to, is 2GB. Your computer is limited to 1GB per slot. 2GB is okay for XP, but if you're using Vista, it's just about enough to have it running reasonably. As you already have 1.5GB of RAM installed, it would hardly be worthwhile installing any more.

  DieSse 00:14 09 Apr 2009

"As you already have 1.5GB of RAM installed, it would hardly be worthwhile installing any more."

If your system will run dual-channel RAM, you can squeeze a bit more performance from the memory by fitting two matching sticks of RAM.

Other than that, I agree that 1.5GB is fine for XP under normal circumstances.

  DieSse 00:16 09 Apr 2009

"I bought a new internal 2nd drive at abou 40quid for 320gb but it won't mount"

What have you tried? - you will need to initialise it (partition and format) in Disk Management, before Windows will see it.

  hrhkingcol 09:59 10 Apr 2009

@ buteman
Thanks for your advice; I tried to run the scanner through both Chrome and Firefox but it wouldn't run after I downloaded it despite trying a few times. However, I did find out through the site that the maximum I can upgrade to is 2gb, which was backed up by MAJ, so thanks for the link.

That's the conclusion I've come to; just to get up to 2GB RAM (which would do for now but isn't going to last too long) will cost another £35, + new hard drive at £45 + new graphics card at £27...all just to do me a short while.....looking at just getting rid. Cheers.

Thanks for that; I tried various tactics for the hard drive; going through CMOS, disk management etc. The drive was nowhere to be seen in disk management so I couldn't initialise it. Have sent the blasted thing back!

Thanks all; it's new computer time. Just need to work out how to get some pennies back for my current machine!


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