Can I upgrade an Intel P2 running at 233Mhz?

  The Potter 21:29 02 Jul 2007

Having just installed WIN XP on an old computer it's running a tad slow so I wondered if I could just upgrade the CPU?

Obviously I don't know a lot about the subject and a quick squiz on ebay suggests it may be more trouble than it's worth? I don't think I'd have a problem replacing the cpu physically but finding the right shaped slot and upgrading the bios may be a problem.

Some experienced advice very grateful please!


  brundle 21:34 02 Jul 2007

Only up to 333mhz, not worth the time or money.
Two different versions of the P2, one up to 333mhz, one from 400mhz if memory serves - your motherboard and memory may or may not be compatible with both types, but the speed increase will be minimal even if you could fit the fastest P2.

  brundle 21:42 02 Jul 2007

No I must be on about Pentium 3. P2 only goes to 450mhz - click here

  The Potter 21:44 02 Jul 2007

Thanks Brundle. Do you think replacing the motherboard would be not worth the time and effort either? The biggest complication I can see there is to get one that fits!

  The Potter 21:49 02 Jul 2007

Ignore my last comment then - we must have been typing at the same time!

This sounds like good news, I wasn't expecting anything more than 500Mhz. So if I can track down a P2 running at 450Mhz I shouldn't have any problems replacing the 233Mhz???

  brundle 21:57 02 Jul 2007

Physically it will be a direct replacement, you just need to be sure the board can be set to the correct FSB and multiplier for a 450 - get your motherboard info with Everest (click here) and see what you can find out from the manufacturer's site, or take a look at the jumpers on the board - they should be marked.
The memory will need to be PC100 too. All the FSB/mult. settings can be found on the site I mentioned.

  brundle 22:12 02 Jul 2007

I defer to ßeta, my recall is too vague after all.

  Strawballs 22:18 02 Jul 2007

I'm not surprised it is running a tad slow with XP with a 233 you must have what 32meg of ram xp needs at least 256meg

  The Potter 22:36 02 Jul 2007

Memory is no prob, I've currently got 128mb but could easily upgrade.

I don't relly understand what Beta is saying except it's not possible to upgrade to 450mhz unless I change my motherboard. I guess the SODIMM refers to the socket type and an LX must be different to a BX chipset (don't tihibk I can replace that without changing the motherboard can I?!)

Do you think upgrading the memory might help a bit then?

It's a second computer and only used once a week and in emergencies so I can live with it I guess.

Thanks to you all though for sharing your knowledge, I only learned about cpu slots tonight - I've got 4 computers (2 working, 2 dead) and at least 3 of them have something different!

One day, with a few pennies more, I'll be able to build my own!(LOL)

  Stuartli 23:16 02 Jul 2007

You could easily buy a faster, but still straightforward system such as this £99.99 example that includes a 17in monitor:

click here

Other choices:

click here

  The Potter 23:30 02 Jul 2007

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the £30 one, just hope I get to before others!!!!!

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